“You are standing on Holy ground, and there are angels all around.”

  He said, “Hush, listen and learn.”  He continued, “Great understanding is coming concerning the second death.”

  As I became as still as possible, He continued to speak to me.  “My word is explicit!  Death and hell are to be cast into the Lake of Fire.  This IS the second death.  This is the end of death and hell and sin.  Can you clearly see this means that men will NOT be destroyed in the Lake of Fire? No where does my word say such a thing!  How can death be destroyed by creating death?  How can death be abolished by putting anyone under the power of eternal death with no escape?  

  “I say, NO, NO!”

  “NO, this would cause death’s continuance, not ending!”

  “NO, men are not destroyed in the Lake of Fire.  It is sin and death that shall be destroyed.”

  “Thus, the Lake of Fire is nothing more than the death of death by the Holy Fire of God.”

  Me: “Yes Sir!”

3 thoughts on “THE SECOND DEATH”

  1. Bonnie,

    I love the clear logic of this. Maybe God is really, really smarter than us (duh!) and really, really more successful than we have given Him credit for. (double duh!)


  2. Amen Bonnie, only the defeat of sin and death is worthy of the Alpha and Omega. How can sin and death be rewarded with an eternal home in which to flourish and this not be seen as a victory for the principalities and powers?! Alan S

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