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   On occasion, I meet someone who cares more about knowing truth than they do their own understanding.  This article is dedicated to those believers who expect to experience more of God tomorrow, than they do today; to those who see Christ as a window through which they can look at everything in their life.

   While I readily admit there is some exhortation in this writing, it does not coddle you as a mother hen does her chicks.  Our transformation into the image of Christ is as a parent’s hand in our lives: Discipline for areas in need of change, along with encouragement to grow. 

   While I also readily admit that the majority of this article is taken from the first seven chapters of “The Revelation” in the Bible, it is a much needed insight into some difficult scriptures that we need, in order to continue our journey into maturity.

   What things have transpired in your relationship with Jesus Christ?  As you read this article, how much will you identify as part of your own journey?  This very identification is a witness of your experience in Him.  You will find yourself saying, “Oh, that is exactly what He said to me”, or “yep, I have been through that”.  Or possibly, you will sigh: “Hmmm, that must be coming as I do not know Him in this yet”. 

   Our journey from Egypt (the world) to the Throne room of God, is filled with chastisements, tests and trials; even temptations, but through it all, God’s Vision for your life is to bring you to a place of maturity, so you can be a part of a company of people who are fit for the Master’s use; to see Him face to face.  He is looking for His image in you; the male and female characteristics of Himself.

   Hosea 6:3: Then shall we know, IF we follow on to KNOW the Lord: his going forth is prepared as the morning; and he shall come unto us as the rain, as the latter and former rain unto the earth.

   On this journey, it is imperative to know that every time we are challenged to grow, God is testing us with a view to approval.  At the same time, the devil is at work, tempting us, to try to make us fail.  Keeping your eyes on what God is doing is at the heart of every victory.

   Travel on my friend, for God is well able to bring you through as He works all things after the very counsel of His own will. (See the article titled “Purpose in Relationship” on this website.)

   It will be helpful to get your bible and follow along with the verses as you read.

                                  It is with some poetic license and great humility
                                           that I present for your consideration:

                    The Revelation of Jesus Christ revealing Himself to you personally

                                 Inspirational read on the 1st Ch. of The Revelation

   I, Jesus Christ AM there; just waiting to be revealed within you!  Father commissioned Me!  I AM to fully reveal Myself to, in, and through you as an overcomer; God’s servant.  This is already happening in you, here a little and there a little, until all is understood.  I sent the Holy Spirit to you, to make known this mystery, through the use of everything I made in creation, for everything natural points to that which is spiritual.

   Romans 1:20a: For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made.

   My Life in you, is the vision of the Word of God and the Spirit of Prophecy in this message.

   When you hear and understand (not what your natural ear hears but what the Spirit reveals), you will indeed be thankful for God’s grace, kindness, and loving favor.  When you guard and tend everything I reveal to you, your experience with Me will continue to uncover My life that is already coded within you, until all is revealed.

   As My bond-slave, you can receive My divine rest and influence upon your heart concerning this truth.  It comes from the presence of the Holy Spirit, always and forever ruling; the commencement and the consummation.

   This rest and truth is from Me, the captain of your salvation, the reliable martyr, and the first man to have ever been birthed from the grave, clothed in a body of immortal vitality; to ascend to the highest heaven whereby I rule with creative ability to bring into submission all the carnal kings living in your flesh that cannot create life.  I love you continually!  I died under the condemnation and judgment of your sin.  The blood I spilled released you from a continuous course of unrighteousness, to live unto the will of God by creating in you a new heart with the power of My divine Life.  Now there is a royal, priestly Kingdom seeded within you for a complete triumph, a glorious and powerful splendor of character to reign forevermore with Me.  Let this happen with a hearty approval!

   Look!  I will come to you more than once; in fact, I will always be appearing in your spirit man who speaks to your soul, until everything in you sees Me as the Christ I AM.  Then, you will more completely comprehend that your sin pierced Me, and you will become more deeply repentant.  Let this happen with hearty approval.

   Understand, elect brethren in the Kingdom of God, that as a witness, when I AM revealed in you, you will always go through the same death from pressure that John did on the Isle of Patmos.  I will place you where SELF can no longer accomplish anything.  It is My patience in you that will help you endure it joyfully, because it is for the Word of God and your testimony of Me.

   When you find yourself propelled into the heavenlies, you will have complete communication with My Spirit in the brilliant fullness of My Light, and understand the mystery of My Life revealed to, in, and through you.  You will understand the things that take place, and things that are exposed within self, as you experience overcoming.  To experience My work in you, there will be many things I will see you through;
   1. Things I will permit!
   2. Suffering / troubles / testings / trials!
   3. I will deal with evil, and the pride of flesh!
   4. There will be afflictions you will have to endure!
   5. The roots of apostasy in your Adamic character will be exposed!
   6. As you participate in brotherly love within My body, you will find the will to follow on to know Me!
   7. Your rights and justice will be challenged!

   All that is written will continue to happen during this unveiling of My Person within you.  Your soul will experience the progression and completion needed as I AM revealed to, in, and through you.

                                    Inspirational read on the 2nd Ch. of The Revelation

   It is Me again; the I AM that is in charge.  I AM concerned about your soul!  I live in the midst of you, and have some things I want to say to you.

   I see what I have already accomplished in you.  You have patiently endured grief and sorrow.  I see your refusal to quit, and that you cannot stand evil.  You have not been blindly obedient to any one person.  But rather, you have correctly discerned those who commend themselves to be fulfilling a position of leadership in your life that I did not authorize.

   Through Me, you have endured patiently in your courageous persistence, and have not grown weary.  This is good, but there is something going on in your soul that is not good.  Our love relationship is no longer growing.  You have permitted your soul man to go back to the carnal works of the flesh: Do this, do that… busy, busy, busy, keeping everyone’s vineyard but your own. You knew in the beginning that you could not work for my approval.  Repent and let us enjoy our communion again.  There is not time to waste, for if you do not, your soul will lose what little light it has and become darkened.  I commend you however, that you do not allow any other person to control what you think.

   Overcomer, hear!  Speak to your soul what I say.  When you return to me, we shall again have sweet communion in My Spirit that is within you. 

   Again, I want you to know that I am concerned about your soul.  I AM the One who lives and sees what I accomplish in you.  I understand the tremendous pressure you are under, and the scarcity of material goods you are experiencing, but you are rich when you suffer persecution for righteousness sake.  I know the blasphemer that comes through your carnal mind, posing as Me, and makes accusations about you that are baseless.

   Do not fear, for it is necessary that you overcome these imaginations.  Look overcomer, these false accusers might seem to be terrible chains of bondage, but this pressure is Divine Order, testing what is in you with a view to approval, not failure.  If you love not your life unto death, you will reign with Me, having my perfect mind and thoughts that bring life.

   Overcomer, Hear!  Speak to your soul what I AM says!  It will spare you some corrections.  The actual death “to” the flesh will hurt only the flesh.

   Again, I am concerned about your soul.  This time I AM showing you My Quick, and Powerful side.  I AM He who judges your thoughts and motives: The Word of God!  All things are exposed by My written word. 

   I see what you are doing, and how you live out from the highest realm of your own thinking, even your pride.  Yet you have My name and believe in Me.  Everything in your soul that is contrary to the Father, must come to the cross, like all faithful witnesses of the past.

   These are the things that are causing you to error.  You are beginning to believe fleshly, religious teachings.  This is a snare in your soul.  Religion will teach you to be unfaithful to Me.  I AM the man you are espoused to.  All others are enemy agents.  Religion will stir up your affections for Adam, your first husband, but you must know for certain that he is dead.  Flee from this error.  In the same way, you believe those religious racketeers when they demand they are to protect you and control what you think.  This doctrine is a detestable heresy.  Do not believe these things.  If you keep on believing these things, I will have to war against these carnal religious beliefs with the swiftness of My sword and it will cut deeply.

   Overcomer, hear!  Speak to your soul what I AM says!  Conquer these obstacles, and you can feast on My mysteries.  You will know Me in my purity and righteousness, and you will experience the life of My nature which no mere man can experience; only those who receive it.

   Again, I am concerned about your soul!  This time, I am coming to you as the visionary Holy One!  My burning passion is towards you.  I AM the One who traveled this path you are on, and overcame what you are now going through.

   I acknowledge what has been accomplished this far in our relationship.  Impressive!  Your love, faith, service, and persistence.  Yes, very impressive!  But the works of your own soul still outweigh My life in you.  So, in despite the things we have accomplished together, I want to talk to you about some things going on in your soul again; some things that are not Godly.  You are submitting your thoughts to enticing words that draw you away from pure devotion to Me and My thoughts, from another who passes herself off as My servant, but in reality, is the mother of harlots.  These flattering enticements make you offer works born of your flesh.  IE: (All the “must, should and have to works of the flesh”) This thinking controls and manipulates you.  It causes you to be double minded and creates spiritual perversion.  I have been telling you this for a while, and you have not been listening.  If you do not get it, this whore’s children will gang up on you, and you will go through the worst battle of your life.  Up until now, you have not been afflicted by the keen edge of My Sword.  But, to produce life in each area of your soul, I will use it.  Every child this mother produces, will have to die.  Every thought, and every outward work she produces, must die.  They are only bastards, born out of fleshly desires.  This woman will have to keep silent.  Then you will understand that I AM HE that judged and cleansed that which is poisonous to your soul from that which is Godly. 

   But here is what I want you to understand: The rest of what you have learned is not affected by this; so work with Me on this for now…. And what you have now, claim, until nothing is left but Me.

   If you will do as I say, this beast will be brought to its’ end, and you will be given rule over all the fleshly (nations) of your own soul.  There will be no compromise left in you as these nations are thoroughly crushed by the same power source that is in Me.  You will be given hope of what lies just over the horizon, the Sun of Righteousness, even the fullness found only in Me.

   Overcomer, hear!  Speak to your soul what I AM says!

                                            Inspirational read on Ch. 3 of The Revelation

   Here I AM again, still looking after your soul!  I AM here today as irresistible Love.  I am keeping you and wooing you into my sacred chambers.  I AM full, perfect, and complete.  I know what is going on.  You see yourself as having life, but death is in your thoughts.  So, pay attention!  Be established in the truth that brought you life.  Your soul is about to lose what little light it has because your steps are not going in the right direction before Me.

   Call to mind the truth you learned (namely that there is only One God).  Keep this in your heart and be obedient to it.  Turn away from this humanistic theme that “self is God”, and all its’ egocentric doctrines and works you think wins My approval.  If you do not pay attention, you will not recognize Me when I come to correct this in your soul, because you will never realize or suspect it is Me.

   There are times when you have seen your need for Me, and in those moments, I reigned in your soul, and we communed in the Spirit as pure thoughts are where Love dwells.

   When you stop robbing Me of My Sovereignty, My full character will be uncovered in you.  You will be a conqueror and march with Me in My victory parade.  I will say “See Father, here is another one just like Me”.  The angels will also hear this report. 

   Overcomer, hear!  Speak to your soul what I AM says!

   Today, True Holiness is speaking to you about the concern I have for your soul.  I have the authority as your King, and I AM the Door that opens at MY will and not another.  I see what we are accomplishing.  Overcomer, I AM here to see you through to victory, and I AM not leaving.  Even in your weakness, you have done what I asked of you out of love for your brothers and sisters.

   Again, those accusations in your carnal mind that are passing themselves off as Me, are nothing but lies.  The day will come when everything that has breath in you, will praise Me.  Your soul will understand (without a shadow of turning), the great love I have always had for you.

   In your life you have tribulation!  But overcomer, as you ascend into the heavenlies (the land of the very good), tests and trials cannot touch the real you, because patience is having her perfect work.  I AM faithful to keep you safe.  It will not be long now.  Lay hold on My mind and do not let your flesh rule.

   When you are victorious, you will be able to bear whatever burdens you encounter as if they were nothing.  We will be one!  I will be in you and you in me, and your soul will be made perfect in My character.  Where I AM, you will be also.  We will be united as you will bear My new name, Resurrection!

   Overcomer, hear!   Speak to your soul what I AM says!

   Today, it is I, Jesus Christ, the Word.  The first witness of God’s creation. Amen!  Concerning your soul, I see what is happening.  You never say no or yes based on the scriptures.  You are stagnant.  Stating no and yes are paramount for truth to prevail.  I demand a no or yes!  Maybe this, maybe that, will never deliver truth!  Whenever you do this, you cannot speak forth words of life.

   You think you have it all.  You brag that you are rich.  You think you have the “full gospel”; you think you understand “kingdom truth”, and need nothing more.  Yet, you do not realize that holding rich truths in carnal-minded interpretations (wrong thinking) has caused you to be in deep poverty in your soul when it comes to union with My truth.  My advice to you is to pay the price for the true riches:  My male and female attributes in one: a robe of active right living, so the disgrace of the carnal man cannot be seen.  Ask, seek, and knock that your soul may have a perfect perception of all that I AM.

   The proof of My love for you is that I chasten you.  A rebuke from Me will produce life, so change this mindset quickly.  Look overcomer, if you stop leaving Me out and instead listen to what I AM saying, we can have intimate fellowship.  We will be co-rulers of your soul.

   Overcomer hear!  Speak to your soul what I AM says!

                                            Inspirational read on Ch. 4 of The Revelation

   You have continued to see Me!  I have been inviting you to sup with Me!  My proclamation is that you must keep growing and become new in My character.  You have yet to experience many things that will all be orchestrated by Me.  Even now, you are coming to a higher realm of Spirit with Me, the Ruler.  I AM Christ, your bridegroom, ruling from your spirit as you have become One Spirit with Me.  Today, I AM ruling, full of Light, Love, and promises of Life.

   I have surrounded your soul (like a bridegroom caring for his bride).  You are seated with Me as a royal priest to rule over your flesh, with the purity of My mind.  Out of the midst of your soul, you can receive My words, speaking from your spirit.  Therefore you can now see your “soul” in all its humanity.  You cannot hide anything from Me, as I AM the All Knowing (seeing-understanding-perceiving) God.  In this new relationship, you are beginning to look like Me.  I have begun to develop My character in you, and I will finish it.

   This character is the character of a Servant/Priest: the character of a King: the character of a Son of Man (higher order than that of an animal in intelligence and understanding) with My mind; and the character of a Son of God.

   Together, with great vision, you will learn to govern from within your Spirit.  The life within your Spirit will never cease to proclaim the very character and kingdom authority of My Holiness, for I AM always and forever the Omnipotent God.  And when the character of My Eternal Life within you, actually brings glory and honor and thanks to Me, you will humble yourself in adoration before My Throne, giving back any crown you are ever given, acknowledging My worthiness of glory and honor and dominion because I AM the One who gave life to everything in the first place and I did it for My pleasure.

                                           Inspirational read on Ch. 5 of The Revelation

   You understand now that a Divine Life, full of power, has come to live within your Spirit, but your soul cannot see this life, as it has been completely covered from sight.  Then you ask, “Who has the qualifications to uncover this life within me?  There was not anyone in the entire universe which answered.  You sobbed uncontrollably because you could not find anyone who was fit for this task.  Then, the Holy Spirit said to you, “dry your tears!”  Look!  See the man!  It is I (Jesus), and I have already overcome.  My resurrection power will bring My life forth again; this time from within your soul.” 

   And then you saw Me; there from your Spirit where God’s government rules, your soul understood.  It was Me, the Lamb of God, as dead… but resurrected through the Holy Spirit.

   Since, as the Lamb, I have already lived every word previously written, it is paramount that you submit yourself to Me, for of such is the Kingdom of God.

   You finally heard this brand-new message resounding within you: “I, Jesus am the One.”

   For it is I alone, who am worthy to uncover My life and character that lives within your Spirit.  My life poured out has made it possible for you to respond to My redeeming love.  I am the royal High Priest who shall reign over all the carnal desires of your flesh.

   You will also hear a multitude of messages about My character and kingdom, and all of them will proclaim the same thing:  Only the Lamb is worthy to be called, “Your Excellency”.  Let everything within you bless and honor the Lion and the Lamb; submit to, and recognize My glory, who was and is the Almighty.

                                         Inspirational read on Ch. 6 of The Revelation

   As the Lamb, the first of seven specific times I release truth from the Spirit within your soul, you will hear Me saying, “COME”!  You will see Me in My Kingly strength and power of Divine Holiness, with a covenant of victory.  I will be on a path of bringing you to a full redemption, spirit, soul and body.

   The second time I release truth from the Spirit within your soul, as the Lamb, again I will say, “COME”!  This time I will appear as a refining fire, wielding a mighty sword (word) of judgment unto correction that brings life.  It is because of My great and wonderful love for you!  When this happens, your flesh and spirit will be at war.  This correction is to keep you from being at peace with your flesh and its ways any longer.  All the thoughts and ways of the flesh will fight to live, but My purging fire will cause their death, and your fleshly character will yield to My will and ways.

   The third time I release truth from the Spirit within your soul as the Lamb, again, I will say, “COME”!  In the strength and power of this light, the reality of your carnal life and darkened mind will shine brightly and you will know that you are black, but comely.  Only the balance of valley and hill experiences coming into this light, can make you face your-SELF.  

                           The info below is important for understanding all of Revelation

   (“Listen and learn”; There are 3 main festivals that loom ahead of you. The first one is Passover and regards the gospel of Salvation and Gods acts, as does the 2nd feast also. My second main festival celebrated under My Old covenant during the wheat harvest, and known as the feast of weeks or Pentecost, will bring a greater blessing of My Spirit.  As you exchange your life for Mine, you will find this experience to be more costly than the first.  My 3rd major feast of the Jews finishes the meal and is about God’s ways.  It is known under My Old Covenant as Tabernacles and was celebrated during the harvesting of oil and wine.   This feast points to the experience in My New Covenant that brings in the fullness of your redemption; Spirit, soul, and body.)

(There are those who are tasting this feast now, but when it is fully come, you will want to be prepared to participate in it!) (Each major feast that Israel celebrated is a foreshadow of an experience in God.  Each one brings a cataclysmic change to your life) See: HEAVEN, another teaching on this website.)

                                                       NOW, BACK TO THE BOOK

   The fourth time I release truth from the Spirit within your soul as the Lamb, I will say, “COME”!  This time My Spirit word will come to destroy and bury those desires still in your carnal mind, and the deceptive control they have over you.  There will be a famine of the word, turbulent times, and an even greater opposing force of your carnal character.  But, you will have learned where liberty truly exists, and thus it will cause you to hunger and thirst after Me and Me alone.

   The fifth time I release truth from the Spirit within your soul as the Lamb, you will fully understand that you are to become a living sacrifice, losing your carnal mind (beheaded) to be a witness of My redemptive, perfecting grace.  You will cry out to be validated for the life you live as my martyr (witness).  There will be a validation of all those My Father has given Me, even as He validated Me!  It will cause all nations to turn their hearts to Me and admit that I have loved you.

   After you experience the death of your SELF-life, rest.  You must wait for others who will join us to rule and reign together.  Rest!  It will not be long.

   The sixth time I release truth from the Spirit within your soul as the Lamb, there will be a Divine visitation, unlike any other in  overcoming.  The light you received from your first experience with Me, (The Passover realm that brought a cataclysmic change) will no longer bring you any life; the food you continue to eat on this table, will no longer satisfy.  In the mere shadow of life you will experience in Pentecost, the same thing will happen.  For a while, you will glean My word in this second realm with great blessing, but this light will grow dim until it too, will be darkness and oh, if you do not “come up hither”, how great will be that darkness.  At some point, you will discover you cease to grow, even though you continue to eat.  You will begin to see through the shallow religion of an ecclesiastical system.  Everything and everyone it exalted will cease to exist as pleasure for you any longer.  My Spirit will violently disrupt the normal state of things and bring an end to your religious world.  For that which gave you life, I must now take away, that you may journey on into My fullness.

   Your carnal mind and your body will close off, like both ends of a scroll coming together.  Every ounce of your natural ability will melt away.  There will be nothing left of your life to identify with, or to feed your insatiable spiritual appetite.  Oh, the kings and captains of your egocentric senses will not want to give complete way to the temporal earthly gatherings, and the outward doings of the flesh!  Old Adam will want to go down fighting.  Every temptation in you will rear its head, and you will think you do not want to go in this direction”.  Adam will try to disguise himself in all his self-righteousness, under the guise of religion, imagining Me to be something I am not.  It is because, this time when I speak to you, old Adam will hold fast, screaming, “I do not want to go a third time with You”.  Let me hide behind my fig leaf, and from Your judgment that brings death to my flesh”.  But I say “This will bring wholeness to you!  I only bring the light of My judgment for correction in your life because I love you, and I do it again and again.  Will you embrace it?!  Am I worth it!?”

                                    Inspirational read on Ch. 7 of The Revelation

   It is time to grow up!  Thus far in our walk together, I have been holding back the final winds of judgment against the kingdom of your flesh.  By My Grace, I will command the circumstances that will ultimately destroy the Babylonian garment called the flesh.  By My Spirit, you have been born-again, become a part of many other sons, learned in the midst of overcoming; you have been filled with joy, forgotten the past, heard my voice, joined Me in oneness, purchased gold tried by fire, become fruitful, and you will receive My full authority.  Yet, I will wait to validate you, until those whom I have called and chosen to be a part of My government, also overcome.

   Today, I come to you as “Eternity”.  In full service to Me, along with a vast host of innumerable people from other languages, you worship.  You are fully persuaded that your wholeness is because of Me, the Lamb of God who reigns and to whom you owe your deliverance.  All of heaven is with you, and falls prostrate in worship.  With hearty approval, you voice every conceivable goodness that can be ascribed to Me, the God of the ages of ages.  So be it!

   “Where did I come from; how did I get here”, you ask!  You have been formed out of great pressure while you overcame the flesh.  You have become active, living righteousness in Me.  Because of this, you are now in My Presence, and you will serve me eternally.  As the Lamb, I will always abide within.  Your souls’ inner longing for Me will cease as you will be continually satisfied with My truth and life.  You will triumph over everything.  As the Lamb in your midst, I will be your Shepherd also, guiding you with My word, and there will be no more occasion for weeping.


   There is always a temptation to stop growing in Christ.  Mark tells us several ways temptations come.
   Mark 4:15 – Satan steals the word
   Mark 4:17 – Troubles and Persecutions
   Mark 4:19 – Worries of this life, Deceitfulness of wealth, and Desires for things other than His word

   Jesus said to the Jews which believed in Him, “If you continue in my word, then are you My disciples.  He also said, “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.”  So, we understand that a disciple is someone who continues in God’s word.  It is one thing to be saved, but if we think that God’s vision for our lives is simply to get saved, and go to heaven when we die, we have missed the entire point as to why we are here in the first place.

   There are many who think their purpose is to be parents, or their purpose is their occupation, or even a call to the ministry.  However, all these things mentioned are responsibilities we accept, not our purpose.  Take Paul’s ministry for example: There was no one with a greater ministry calling than the apostle Paul, but he did NOT consider it His purpose.

   Let us let Paul speak for himself: “For my determined purpose is that I may know Him, that I may progressively become more deeply and intimately acquainted with Him, perceiving, and recognizing and understanding the wonders of His Person more strongly and more clearly.  And that I may in that same way come to know the power out flowing from His resurrection, which it exerts over believers; and that I may so share His sufferings as to be continually transformed into His likeness, even to His death”.  (Philippians 3:10 – Amplified)

   His death working in us, brings life.  Oh, not to the flesh man, but the Father of Spirits, is bringing life to our soul.  Peter said, “the end of our faith is the salvation of our souls).  Now, the purpose is to become one in soul (mind and will) (SEE “HEART” on this website) with Father, so that our emotions might also be His; perfected in His image.  Each of us has the same purpose.

   So, when someone says there is more in Christ than what we have experienced, a healthy response, devoid of personal motive, would be: “Can you tell me more about this!”  Yes, there is more, but to become whole, we need Jesus to manifest in a dimension we have not yet experienced, individually and collectively.  We must never cease to seek what only Christ can give, ever growing in the Mystery of Christ in us.  His truth never dries up when we remain teachable.

   God’s mercy never grows old.  We must answer the call to grow in the grace and faith we received when we first said, “Yes” to Jesus, here a little and there a little until all of humanity bow their knees and confess that Jesus is Lord.  We must never lock ourselves into a “religion of thought”, where God can no longer reveal how all-encompassing and majestic, He really is.

   God will bring us to a place where we will cry out for more of Him if we desire it.  But, for Him to give us more, we must not yield to the temptation to quit growing: to stop learning.  We also must not yield to an “I know it all”,  “I got it all”, or “I am the leader” attitude.  Nothing will quench the Spirit in a person’s life, like trying to be the “one” in control.  God is in control.  He controls all of us on the basis of our choices.  WE can choose to continue to grow.  So let’s!

   How?  Get in a bible study that causes you to grow.  A friend of mine gave the best advice ever given.  She said, “Pay attention Bon, don’t be stupid”!  It applies to our lives in so many ways.  Examine our liberty,  listen to the Spirit, challenge your thinking, examine your growth, ask God questions, and most definitely, expect an answer!

   As I have applied the above to study, I have found that I do not always get an answer immediately, but when I seriously want to know something about God and ask Him, He does ultimately answer me.

    Today, I have found My Spiritual Father to look a whole lot differently than the picture I had of Him, years ago.  There He looked to be so double-minded, inconsistent and even, yes, at times, schizophrenic; He now appears consistent and always loving.  Oh, I always knew He was not the way I first pictured Him, but it took years to understand why.

   In the beginning, He seemed to be hitting me with one hand, and picking me up with the other.  It was very confusing.  At one point, He said this to me: “I do not look at the flesh the way you do.  You are a spirit, and I would never hurt you, but I will destroy that thing that lives in your flesh”.  Oh, OK, that straightened that out for me.  Maybe it will help you too!

   From experience, I can prophecy this to you: “As you yield to Him and ever grow in His grace, you will find He is so worth it.”  As I have continued in His word, the Holy Spirit showed me many doctrines of man that had me bound.  As I replaced man’s ideas with God’s truths, I became a little more free, and a little more free.     Today, I am 75 (2021) and there is a liberty I experience that I would not trade for any amount of money.  Peace abides!  Oh, not as the world gives, but the peace the Spirit imparts when we follow on to know the Lord.  So, as I look back over my personal journey, I must echo the same advice my friend gave me.

   PAY ATTENTION!  Examine your liberty; listen to your spirit; examine your growth; challenge your thinking!  Ask God questions, and most definitely, expect an answer!



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  1. The overcomer sees the Christ set in Father’s throne … they were at one time looking at the Son of man by candle light.

    He that hath an ear, let him hear what the “Spirit saith” unto the churches; ….Bless Father indeed!

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