When we come to a topic such as “OUR FULL INHERITANCE”, we would be foolish to say that we understand it in its entirety.  We confess this at the onset so those who read it may realize, this is what we believe now in our quest to understand it better tomorrow than we do today.  We pray for enlightenment concerning our desire to know our Maker better as we stretch for more clarity on such an exciting topic.

  This day we live in, is itself, very exciting!  Never before have we been here.  Even as Abraham left his home country to look for a city not made with hands, so we too are amongst the believers who have “come out of her” that we may enter the hope that lies within us.  We are of the “ecclesia” (called out ones).  For us, it has been a lifetime of being called out.  Once we arrived at a destination, (even as Abraham and his descendants) there was another, and at every juncture, we have reached ahead to see more of Him.  We never knew in the beginning of our journey with Christ that there existed such a land in which we travel today.  What an incredible journey! 

   Our lives, now hid in Christ, are being conformed to His image, every man in his own order.  This has been God’s purpose all along; to make man (not a man – but humanity) in His image.  It has required years of progressing, revelations, seeing and becoming more and more like Him, both collectively as a body of believers and on an individual level,  Line upon line, here a little and there a little!  

  Over the 2000 plus years since the cross, God’s people have been growing in His word.  Through grace, God has been revealing more and more of His ways, until the first resurrection will produce a man-child (a many membered man) who will be like Him; fully clothed upon, being made conformable to Christ’s death, and saved by His life.  Thank God for the power in the resurrections of our Lord.  

  Even now, God is revealing some of the things Paul heard when he was caught up into the third heaven, but he could not declare what he saw during the dispensation of grace whereunto he had been called to preach; it would not have been lawful. (2nd Corinthians 12:4) He did however, leave us some hidden manna in some of his epistles.  We believe Paul caught a glimpse of what God is revealing to His ecclesia today (the Lord’s Day, the third day). 

   John also saw time unfolding unto the Lord’s Day when he was “in the Spirit” on that very day, the third day.  Please do not think that was a Saturday or a Sunday.  It was a day that was 2000 years from Christ and 7000 years from Adam.  Christ Himself said, “today and tomorrow I do cures and miracles, but on the third day, I will be perfected – Luke 13:32”. (A foreshadow of His brethren/His fellows on another 3rd day; each one 1000 yrs.) This day is a day that will bring great joy to Jesus, for it is even the joy that was set before him when he endured the cross. The Greek word for perfected is teleioo and means to perfect, finish, complete, to reach a goal, etc.

   Paul and John received a promise of a full inheritance.  They received the earnest or down payment of that promise as a believer in Christ.  The inheritance itself includes a redeemed body for the Master’s use!  This is why we seek immortality.  It is about Him, not us!

   Romans 8:23: We ourselves, who have the first fruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly as we wait for adoption as sons, the redemption of our bodies. 

   Remember, the adoption of sons in bible times was when a son had grown to maturity and was made a part of the family business.  We were born into the family of God, but adopted as mature sons to help Father to bring the knowledge of His glory to the whole earth.

  Ephesians 1:12-14: We should be to the praise of his glory, who first trusted in Christ.  In whom you also trusted, after that you heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation: in  whom also after that you believed, you were sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise, which is the earnest of our inheritance UNTIL the redemption of the purchased possession, unto the praise of his glory.  

  Philippians 3:10-11: That I may know him, and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his sufferings, being made conformable unto his death, If by any means I might   ATTAIN unto the resurrection of the dead.

  In the above scripture, we are hoping to show that Paul was speaking of the first resurrection. It has been my experience that most believers do not realize there are two resurrections in Revelation Ch. 20.

  The word resurrection in Philippians 3:10 means “out-resurrection” of the dead.  This resurrection appears to relate with Philippians 3:14: I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. A prize requires a victory over something.

   I was meditating Revelation Ch’s. 1-3, and heard this: “You have been through all the churches”. What?  That word ultimately led me to an understanding that blew my previous thinking to shreds.  This prize has to do with the overcomers that are a part of the seven churches in Revelation chapters 1-3.  In Ch. 4, it now invites each overcomer in the ecclesia to “come up hither”; each one will come in his own order for there is another mountain to climb, another dimension to conquer, and the training for those interested in being adopted as sons in the first resurrection, begins.  Now we know why the word of God says “things which must shortly come to pass” in v4.  It is an individual experience.  The scriptures have told us the story about Israel in the old covenant, the church in the new covenant, and now the journey is about the growth and execution of a mature son, the true Jews Paul spoke of, the new Israelites, born of the Spirit. If you know what the meaning of the names of the tribes that are standing on Mount Zion in Ch.7, you will get a clue to the steps in developing into a mature son. These are the steps that are ordered of the Lord for the 144,000 (a sign # for His government – not a literal number). Revelation Ch. 4-18 maintains its subject now, as a revelation of Jesus Christ to, in and through the New covenant overcoming Israelites, demonstrated in the seals, trumpets and vials.  So, if I were to do a very quick outline of most of the written word, it would look like this:

   The written word is a 3-act play (drama).  God puts His props together using people, not stationary props as in most plays.  So, by the time Moses enters the picture, the props have been used in their proper places.  God chooses to open Act 1 with  Moses and the Israelites and establishes the Old Covenant.  This act continues through most of the 4 gospels.  In Act 2 God chooses the church and establishes the New Covenant.  Act 2 begins at the end of the four gospels and continues through Revelation Ch. 3.  In the 3rd Act, we find God dealing with the overcoming (true Israelites) sons of God beginning in Revelation 4 and continuing through Revelation 18. 

  So, we press toward the mark of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus, in preparation of sonship.  The first resurrection then, is the prize for an overcomer; consequently, a resurrection people out of a people; an out-resurrection. 

   I  then looked up the word for resurrection in Philippians and found the following study for its Greek word “Anastasia”.  

   Anastasia is the normal Greek word for resurrection.  This word is comprised of ana, which means “up,” and stasis, which means “to rise,” or “to stand”.  Thus, anastasis means “to rise up” or “to stand up”.  When referencing those who have died, the exact meaning of the word would be, “a resuming of life, one rising up or standing up from the place of death.”

   The Greek word appearing in Philippians 3:11, has the preposition ex (from ek) prefixed to anastasis adding a new dimension.  The first part, ex (the form that “ek” takes when prefixed to words beginning with a vowel) means “out of,” making exanastasis mean “to stand up out of (out-resurrection).”

  The out-resurrection (exanastasis) is the “standing up” of a particular amount “out of” an entire group.  Like a remnant!  A first-fruits company comes forth first!  This is the “way” in which God has displayed Himself throughout the written word.  A remnant always came forth out of a people.  Could this be the manifestation of the sons (huios-mature son) of God?  We believe this to be true. It is certainly the hope of glory. The reality that it is also a first fruit company is so encouraging as it means there will be more to follow.

   Paul is speaking of a bodily resurrection when he writes: “We wait for a Savior who shall fashion anew the body of our humiliation, that it may be conformed to the body of His glory.”  We are writing on our inheritance, the fullness of glorification. 

   Romans 8:28-30: And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them that are called according to his purpose.  For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren.  Moreover whom he did predestinate, them he also called, and whom he called, them he also justified and whom he justified, them he also glorified.  (To understand why God purposes, please read “PURPOSE IN RELATIONSHIP” on this website.)

  It is clear from scripture that no unbelievers are in the first resurrection, but what is not understood is that all believers will not be raised in the first resurrection either.  John, in speaking of the first resurrection says this: “And I saw thrones and those who sat upon them, (kings) and judgment was given to them; and the souls of those who were beheaded for the witness of Jesus AND for the word of God and who had not worshipped the wild beast, neither his image, nor had received his mark upon their foreheads or on their hand, lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years. This is the first resurrection.  Blessed and holy is he who has part in the first resurrection; over such the second death has no power, but they shall be the priests of God and of his Christ and they shall reign with him a thousand years. (Revelation 20:4-6).”

   So, those in this remnant are called, justified, glorified, holy, blessed, kings, priests, did not worship the wild beast, nor his image, and did not receive his mark either on their forehead or their hand.

   This establishes the fact that no unbelievers are in the first resurrection.  

 After the thousand years, we see Satan being loosed from his prison and given an opportunity to try earth dwellers in Revelation 20:7-8.  Then in Revelation 20:11-15, we see the second resurrection taking place.  This resurrection includes ALL the dead that were not raised the first time.  John’s wording says that whoever was not found written in the book of life… well now, why would anyone be written in the book of life in this resurrection if it was just the unbelievers who came forth?  This certainly implies that there are believers there but let us use other scriptures to settle this.

  Jesus speaking: John 5:28-29: Marvel not at this: for the hour (a definite event) is coming, in the which all that are in the graves shall hear his voice, and shall come forth; they that have done good, unto the resurrection of life; and they that have done evil, unto the resurrection of judgment.

  The first resurrection has to do with the ruler-ship of the earth. During this time, God’s remnant will fill the earth with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord.  The second resurrection has to do with the judgment of the saved and the unsaved.

   Our understanding (as in-part as it still is) has brought us to a place where we believe the full possession of our inheritance is a fuller possession of God himself, including a redeemed body.  The soul hungers and is empty of its true being unless God Himself fills it.  The hope of glory in the first resurrection is the same glory that Jesus asked God for when he hung dying on the cross; to be glorified with the glory he had with the Father before the world was.  Oh, the richness of a glory with the Father!  The Father is holy,  immortal, and incorruptible. 

   In the 1000’s of years of ministry, since its inception, the church has yet to make much impact in this world.  Let’s be honest!  Yes, we have, with the help of Christ, changed the lives of some, we have healed some, but we have not seen the world become anything like what we would call heaven.

   Maybe I am being too generous here, but I think during the dispensation of grace, the church has done what God called her to do.  It is still an in-part realm.  The anointing given to her with a 5-fold ministry was not ever going to bring the knowledge of the glory of the Lord to the earth. Her anointing was to bring forth a man-child.  We are now just entering into another age when a king/priest ministry will eventually manifest.  She is the only woman to give birth and travail afterwards. Of course, this is speaking spiritually. This is beautifully spoken in a prophecy of the sons in Isaiah 66:7.

   Isaiah 66:7: Before she travailed, she brought forth; before her pain came, she was delivered of a man child.  The definition of this man-child is “one with the ability to lift, a many-membered man.  He will get the job done.  God has purposed it.  Job 42:2: I know that you can do all things and that no purpose of yours can be thwarted.

   John 1:12: But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons (huious – fully mature) of God, even to them that believe on his name.  

  This man-child is the answer to all of creation.  There is no anti-Christ, no world government, no institution, nor money or any religion, with an answer. We realize now that God has saved a people, not just so they may go to heaven, but so He can manifest His Life in them to set creation free.  It is His doing and not mans!  

   So, while the sons of God have the fullness of glory, the resurrection of the full inheritance within them, what is true by faith through grace, will ultimately find a full reality in the earth.  But before we see that reality within us, before we sing of it in terms of an event, it must first be understood as a Life.  Remember Martha seeing the resurrection as a future event?  Jesus said He “is” the resurrection!  Jesus “is” that Life. He said to her, “I am the resurrection and the Life”.  Jesus also said, “the time is coming and now is”. The principle is this:  He “is” now and yet there is to be a manifested reality.  

   For some time now, it seems my husband and I have been saying “the resurrection is rising within us”.  There is a sensing of a bursting forth.  The only “when” we are aware of in all of this is “in His time”.  No man will accomplish this any more than man could have brought in the birth of Christ or the day of Pentecost.  It just seems the season is pressing upon us.  

  We desire to be adopted as mature sons.  Will we be in that company?  Will you?  Will it happen in our lifetime?  Will some go to the grave first and come back with the other overcomers?  We do not know the answers to these questions as God will choose who these first-fruits will be. We will best fit where He wants us.  We are at peace with that.

   He only chooses a few that His power might be made known and not another. (Read the story of Gideon’s 300) He only chose a few according to the written word that He might make His power known. God is in charge!

   These words defy all the prophets of doom.  Father is ministering by His Spirit to silence the blind leaders that minister for hire, to tear down every human idol, and to overturn the altars of Babylon.  He brings to us His consuming fire, destroying mixture, to bring us the life- giving words of truth and freedom.  The result will be a ministry of mature, resurrected sons sent to a fallen and moaning creation to set the captives free and to give light to all who grope in darkness, to declare to all creation the power and glory of the Father’s everlasting Kingdom.  Be strong! Glorious things are transpiring in the heavenlies, be strong, I say, for glorious things are transpiring in the Kingdom of God”.

   May “Thee” Teacher unfold these things more fully and powerfully to our hearts in the coming days.  Amen 





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