In all your getting, you are finding great understanding in becoming a part of the “foot company.”  You are understanding that the word of God is full of symbols, and you have been able to see scriptures as Spirit, hidden from those who are still eating from the first and second table.  You have stopped carnalizing the word.  You are eating hidden manna.

   So, let’s talk about the Mount of Olives.

   There is no doubt when you have read Romans 12, that you have understood that the body is many members; not as in a natural body, but a large company of people making up one body, each having their part to add to the whole: a Spiritual body.  So, unlike a physical body with 2 feet, we see a word picture of many people making up the feet.  You have identified this as that part of the body with many believer’s who are called to make up the “foot company: to complete the body of Christ.  Let us esteem one another in that regard.

   You understand that the “foot company” is in training now, preparing to receive the fulfillment of The Lord’s feast of Tabernacles.  The book is unsealed and the fullness of your inheritance is on the horizon, the redemption of your physical body.  You will be adopted as a mature son of God and become a part of your FATHER’S business….this is the way of the natural Jewish culture.  We did receive the Spirit of adoption… Romans 8:15, but we are waiting for that adoption, to wit. the redemption of the body.  Romans 8:23.  This is the fullness… being fully tabernacled by God!  Spirit, Soul AND Body! I wasn’t sure all those who have come up hither knew this or not.  But, I know all of you have understood the rest of what I have written. 

   So, when the scriptures say that in that day, His feet will stand on the Mount of Olives, you know that Mount of Olives is a word picture because you already understand scriptures are Spirit and full of symbols.

   Now let’s get into what Mount and Olives means to us spiritually.  Many of you know that Mountain is a symbol for Kingdom… So, the Mount in Mount of Olives speaks of God’s Kingdom, not that literal Mount adjacent to Jerusalem’s Old City.  But what about Olives?  As with any symbol, we turn to the bible for the spiritual interpretation.  So, what does the bible say about it?

   Well, its oil was used for lighting.  It lit the lamps in the Temple and homes.  It was also used for anointing kings and priests.  The olive branch was used as a symbol of peace from the beginning of time.  This is easy to see that olives speak spiritually of Light and Peace and you are that temple.

   We can see now that the Mount of Olives is referencing “The Kingdom of God with Divine Light and Peace.  So the Lords foot company will minister Light and Peace in the Kingdom of God…  Not the dim light of Pentecost in comparison to the light in the final full feast of the Lord we You know as Tabernacles.

   You have also understood that this will be the time of the manifestation of the sons of God, that this is not about gifts, nor devils, but the LORD HIMSELF descending from your Spirit through your flesh with His Light and Peace in a foot company for a sin depraved world, that  the knowledge of the glory of the Lord will fill the earth and ultimately Jesus offering up the Kingdom of righteousness, peace and joy to God.





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