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Autobiography Devotional

Colossians 1:25-27: Whereof I am made a minister, according to the dispensation of God which is given to me for you, to fulfill the word of God; Even the mystery which hath been hid from ages and from generations, but now is made manifest to his saints: To whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.

   “I am here, dear one!  I am just waiting to be uncovered within you.  Father commissioned Me to fully reveal Myself in you.  This is about to happen in you, here a little and there a little, until all is understood.  I sent the Spirit of Prophecy, My testimony, to make this mystery known to you.
   I lit every man that came into the world.  Receive My grace, My kindness, and My loving favor so this light might fully shine in you.  I will uncover My life that is already coded within you.  If you will guard and tend all that I reveal to you, you will grow to see Me face to face.  As I Am!  So be it!
   I am always here.  Never doubt it!  I want us to begin our journey now, so can we get acquainted?!
   Will you open your heart to learn all that I have for you?”
I am forever,
Your Loving Savior

   “Yes, My Savior.  I thank you for laying down your life for me.  I thank you for drawing me unto yourself.  I see the cross as the foundation, for every breath I take now, and every truth I learn.  Yes, let’s get acquainted.  I bring a ready heart. Amen.”


Mark 4:37-39: And there was a great storm of wind, and the waves beat into the ship, so that it was now full. And he was in the hinder part of the ship, asleep on a pillow: and they awake him, and say unto him, Master, carest thou not that we perish? And he arose, and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, Peace, be still, And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm.

   “As you grow into My image, winds of adversity will come, so, it is imperative that you understand their purpose. Always seeing Me clearly, in every situation, is the greatest challenge you will face. So understand today My beloved, I am with you in every circumstance you encounter; I will be there to test you with a view to approval, but the adversary of your soul is there to tempt you to fail. My desire is that you would always choose Me. Get to know Me well, so you can see clearly.
   There is one other thing for now! You must realize that your flesh is not who are. You are a Spirit; one Spirit with Me now, and I will never hurt the real you. But there are some things going on in your flesh, trying to keep you from seeing Me, and I must deal with this, so you can think like I think. I am the Captain of your salvation!
   In every wind that blows, will you focus on seeing me?”
I am forever,
Your Captain, Jesus

   “Oh Captain, my Captain, humbly I ask you to prove me in all things. I will focus on seeing you in everything. I trust you to bring me through all raging storms! Amen.”

Matthew 11:29: Take my yoke upon you and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.

   “My desire for you is that you come to know Me; not just to know about Me, but to understand the essence of My nature and character.  I am Love, therefore My Love underlines everything that takes place in your life.  I command all things to conform you into My image.  Oh yes, I consecrate all your choices and actions to the welfare of your own soul.  For I am Truth and I know how to bring about My word to bless you during testing and temptations.  Oh yes, I do!
   Believe Me, I understand what you are enduring.  Learn this lesson well: I limit the power and influence of the flesh and the evil of this world which are against you.  I say, “thus far and no farther”!  It is imperative for you to learn to resist evil and yield to My word in everything.  My truth in every situation will shape you, and train you for a place of authority and power in My Kingdom.
   My truth has created within you, a new heart.  The blood I spilled and My resurrection, releases you to live in the power of My Divine Truth.
   Will you study and learn of Me?”
I am forever,
Your Teacher by My Holy Spirit, Jesus

   “My Teacher, I sincerely submit my heart to your word!  Teach me to be just like You in everything.  Amen.”

Romans 8:14: If ye through the Spirit do mortify the deeds of the body, ye shall live.

   “While we communed together yesterday, I heard your prayer.  I see your desire to submit to My word.  I will help you overcome through My Spirit.  If you try to be victorious without My help, you will fail.  Let this understanding be firmly established as we journey on.  Impress it upon your thought life.  Recognize and apply its’ wisdom.  Then what you do will bear fruit, for it will be born of My Spirit and not from self-efforts.  But I must warn you!  The temptation to go ahead of Me is hard to resist.  You will have to slow down to catch up with Me.  Breathe, my child, and I will show you great and Mighty things, for I traveled the path you are on now, and I overcame all things.  My seed within you will grow at My word, so let it!  I love you eternally!
   Are we ready now?  Can you see it?  As My character is developed in you, there will be much to overcome; some will not be easy on the flesh.  There will be tests and temptations, but if you will be quick to recall what I have taught you thus far, you will go through them joyfully.
   Will you slow down and catch up with Me?”
I am forever,
The Lover of your soul, Jesus

   “My Love, I understand.  I agree; I will slow down.  I will depend on You and not myself.  I praise you for your constant help.  I am thankful for your counsel.  I desire to be faithful to it. Amen!”

John 14:6: Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

   “Ok, we are going to live together on a daily basis now!  It will free your heart to know that I am not a program, a plan, or a curriculum. I am a spontaneously creative lover who enjoys helping you find liberty in every heartbeat.  So, walk passionately with Me and I will reveal every mood of My heart.  Oh yes!  I have many moods and the mood I am in today is a fun one.  It is full of excitement and inspiration.  I want to reveal Life to you until one day you will see Me beyond the Way and the Truth: you will see Me as Life itself, for it is the fullness of our redemption together; the climax of our relationship.  At this moment, I am constrained to speak of it fully as you could not contain it.  For now, let this mind be in you: He who loses his life for My sake, shall find it.
   Oh, how much fun we will have, skipping over the mountains and sharing heart to heart.  I have so much to share with you My darling (My one and only), that My heart can hardly contain it.  Allow me to court you and you shall see I am worth the discovery of every new insight of wisdom and understanding.  Your heart will rejoice as you find Me faithful in even the little things.  For I am ready to supply your soul its’ every need, even as a mother would her nursing child.  I have nothing but pure thoughts and a burning passion towards you in bringing to pass O/our vision to be one of perfect likeness.
   I have the abilities and characteristics of both Father and Mother, male and female, and will reproduce Myself within you.  It is the mystery of the marriage and My virgin bride.  It will be glorious!
   I can be corrective, but not today.  Today, let us just embrace one another and have fun My darling, My beautiful one.
   Will you flow with My Spirit?”
I am forever,
Your Life-giver, Jesus

   “My Life-giver!  I am blushing.  You are so Majestic.  I am blissfully happy.  How I rejoice in You and Your compassion and care for me!  Might we pause and enjoy this a little longer! Amen!”

Ephesians 2:10: For we are his workmanship (handiwork) created in Christ Jesus.

   “I blew the winds of comfort yesterday and our communion was bless-ed.  But, alas, time moves on. Today, a wind of adversity comes.  You know by now that I control the winds in your life.  Do you see now, they come with purpose?  I move with perfect authority to develop My image in you as I am the Perfect Artist.
   During each wind that blows, you will face a choice. This is because there is an adversary who desires for you to fail.  Choose wisely and you will grow.  Remember My people in the wilderness; they did not choose the right path and they went around and around the same mountains.

   The freedom to choose is yours.  The result of your choice is mine. Oh, I will influence you to make the right choice, just as the adversary will try to influence you also.  Do not ignore My influence.  Some do, some do not!  Yet, I am fair!  All have opportunity.  Why does one respond to Me while another does not, you ask?  Because one listens to My word, and one does not!  Sometimes you listen, sometimes you do not.  It is My word in the midst of the wind that teaches you to overcome, not the difficulty itself.  Otherwise, all would learn.  When you truly understand this, you will always turn to My word in every circumstance. Will you choose wisely?
I am forever,
Your Artist, Jesus

   “I will embrace you, My Artist!  I will try to choose rightly by relying upon Your word when the winds of adversity blow.  Amen.”

Isaiah 41:10a: Fear thou not; for I am with you!

   “What? You are thinking I am nowhere around because you cannot feel Me?  We will deal with your feelings on another day, but for now, hear this!
   So many of My people fear I will leave them.  It is because of a terrible accusation.  Let me set the record straight for you My love.  I never made the statement: “My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken Me,” NO, I would never accuse My Father of such a thing.  That would be unbelief and I would not have been a Perfect Sacrifice.  In My language (Aramaic) I spoke an idiom: “Eli, Eli, lemana, shabkthani!  I said, My God, My God for this I was spared!  This is my destiny!”  I was simply acknowledging the work I was sent to do.  Then I committed My Spirit into His hands.  Would I have done that if I thought He had left Me?  Some records have gotten it straight now, but I am most interested in you getting it straight, for this is our journey, and I want you to believe Me when I say I will never leave you.  How could I?  You are irresistible to Me.  My love for you is an everlasting, perfect love.
   Now that you know the truth, let your faith assail all your fears.  Whenever the accuser comes to say, “Well, God forsook Jesus and now He has left you”, you can say with all assurance of faith, “Get thee behind me Satan”!!!
   Will you allow My perfect love to overcome your fears?”
I am forever,
Your Lord, Jesus

   “Oh, My Lord, forgive My unbelief.  Increase my Faith!  I did check to see which manuscripts had gotten it right.  I found the Lamsa Bible which was translated from the original Aramaic language said exactly what You taught me. Thank you so much.  I love You too! Amen.”

1st Peter 2:2-3: As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby:  If so be ye have tasted that the Lord is gracious.

   “In the beginning, communicating with Me was your constant focus.  You joyfully drank of My cistern and began to grow.  I thoroughly loved walking with you as you learned how good My love is towards you.  I freely gave, and you freely received.
   Do you remember the time when someone tried to condemn us for something we did together, and we just chuckled?  They could not see the bubble I had wrapped you in.  Their remarks just bounced off of you.  In child-like faith, you reached out and received whatever I had for you.
   Bring this into remembrance and it will keep you from the self-works you are beginning to fall into.  Why do you think all this busy work you are doing is winning My approval?
   Remember, at first how we loved one another, excited about our newly formed relationship?  All this busy work; must do this, should do that, keeps you from the liberty you first found in Me.  Repent now and let us enjoy our communion again.
   Will you cease from all the busy-ness that keeps you in bondage to performance?”
I am forever,
Your Grace, Jesus

   “Gracious Lord.  Thank You for reminding me.  I really was getting busy, busy, busy with everyone else’s needs and putting You on the shelf. I am sorry.  Lead me, so whatever I do will flow from Your heart.  I repent of the pride of self-works and my ego-centric thinking. Amen.”

Matthew 6:11: Give us this day our daily bread.

   “My fairest one; you are becoming a beautiful tapestry, painted by the bread of My word.
As I shared with you before, growing will not always be easy on your flesh.  Learning the milk of My word, was a season when I carried you.
   The time of infancy has passed.  It is time for bread to be served.  Always remember, I have already accomplished that which is necessary for you to overcome every trial you face.  Self is your enemy; it genders death, so I am here to offer My help.  Just yield to me.  Walk by faith in My word.  Faith is the victory.
   You know you can do nothing in and of yourself to become like Me.  You can add nothing to your stature.  It is My seed growing inside you that is adding to your maturity.  Just let My bread be its’ environment.  Watch the lilies grow.  They do not toil.  Their environment does the work as the seed sprouts and receives the water given to it by the works of My hands.
   Replacing your thoughts with MY thoughts is like a wilderness experience; many mountains to climb and many valleys to go through.  I promise you; the journey will be worth it.
   You have My Spirit within you now.  You are O/one with Me. So, let us travel forward.
   Will you live by faith in My word?”
I am forever,
Your Companion, Jesus

   “Jesus, my Companion!  I am excited to receive the food you have prepared for me.  Dining with you is never boring.  I desire to grow and yield to every morsel of Your instruction and correction.  Let’s do it! Amen.”

Revelation 2:17b: To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna.
Romans 1:20a: For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the thing that are made.

   “There will come a day, My turtle dove, when I shall say to you: COME UP HITHER.  This will be My way of saying: it is time to grow some more. You will begin to see what you could not see before then.  We will have journeyed through two realms of My heavens, (My Spiritual dimensions!)  You will have passed every test in the wilderness, with the promised land just ahead of you.  There are giants in this land.  Here, I will feed you hidden manna.  This food is powerful enough to defeat the giants who are trying to prevent the ultimate glory of our union.  Oh, I know you thought your time on earth was just about salvation and going to heaven, but it is so much more. You see, I want you to eventually grow up so we can see one another face to face; My image in you.  
   Let me paint a picture in your mind of the hidden manna!
  Understanding will pervade your thinking.  False concepts of Me will vanish.  Precepts of man will fall to the ground.  Fleshly efforts will cease.  In fact, your flesh will be completely helpless.  I will be your only Strength.  You will see things in my word that you never realized was there.  Everything everywhere, will point to a spiritual reality.  All outward enemies will be overcome, and My Peace will abide without interruption.  You will do nothing except what you see Me do, as you will see a dimension of My Spirit that you have not known.  You will echo what Job said, “I have heard of thee by the hearing of the ear: but now mine eye seeth”.  Yes, that day will come, but you are still learning where you are now, and this is good.  Be anxious for nothing!  I placed this joy before you that you may endure the present.
   You want to know when this will happen in our journey?  Perhaps one day you will say to yourself, “I am not growing, there is no food on the table that satisfies me anymore.  I have eaten it all and I am still hungry”.  Then I will say, “Come up hither!  Hidden manna is waiting.  Our journey into the fullness of My life is just ahead.
   Will you set your heart in agreement with My vision for your life?”
I am forever,
Your vision, Jesus

   “Jesus, You are my vision!  A thank you seems hardly fitting.  I am honored that you would share this vision with me.  I realize I have a lot of growing to do.  I am thankful for Your attentive concern to accomplish the fullness of Your LIFE in my life.  I love You! Amen.”

Psalms 105:2: Sing unto him, sing psalms unto him; talk ye of all his wondrous works.
Exodus 15:1: I will sing unto the LORD, for he hath triumphed gloriously: the horse and rider he hath thrown into the sea.

   “Did I not tell you we would triumph in all things?  I saw that uncircumcised Philistine try to drown you in his accusations.  You thought he was right because you let the focus get on you instead of Me.  I will tell you what… the next time he tries to pull that, remind him that I am the Lord and I said he is sour grapes, but you are the apple of My eye.  Then sing to Me.  Sing of the victories we have already secured.  Sing of My glorious triumph over all the works of the accuser.  Make melody in your heart unto Me and watch him flee!  He will be gone in a flash.
   Think upon this!  Whenever you hear a flat note, pay attention to the Maestro, for I am the Perfect Conductor to bring the proper sound to your circumstance.
   By the way, is it not glorious how circumstances change when your heart is fixed on Me!  This is because we make a perfect combination.  We complete each other.  There is such a crescendo coming for both of us that when I think of it, it gets My feet to dancing and My heart to singing.  Oh yes, my sweet… I sing to Myself concerning the harmony I want to make with you.  Ah, the song I want to sing in you is fast becoming a reality.
   Will you sing the song of victory with me: It is titled: My song?”
I am forever,
Your Maestro, Jesus

    “My Maestro!  My wonderful Conductor:
You are the words and the music; You are the song that I sing.
You are the melody; You are the harmony.
Praise to Your dear name I sing.
You are the Mighty God.  You are the Prince of Peace.
You are the King of all kings.
Now I return to you, the song that You gave to me,
Cause you are the song that I sing. Amen.”

Matthew 7:7-8: Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For everyone that asks receives; and he that seeks finds; and to him that knocks it shall be opened.

   “Insight into My world of the Spirit will be easier if you will grasp the significance of understanding spiritual laws.  It is the method I use to bring you from where you are, to the place where I want you to be found in Me.
   Natural laws are simple for the mind to comprehend.  Everyone knows if you drop a rock from a roof-top, it will fall to the ground.  In this same manner when you ask, you receive.  It is a spiritual law.  I freely give!  When you want things that are freely given, you just ask for it.  When you ask anything in My name (nature and authority), it is given.  It is not just a promise.  It is a spiritual law experienced by My children who ask from My hand.
   When you seek, you find!  Seeking is not like asking for things from My hand, but it is a seeking after My very Person, as looking for hidden treasure.  It means to search after Me with your whole heart.  When you reach this place, it is like a graduation from asking for things, (child-like) to seeking the Kingdom and My righteousness.  It is an exact and immutable divine law of the Kingdom, that when you seek, you find.
   When you knock, it will be opened unto you.  Again, it is a spiritual law of a new creation.  Finding the Kingdom and entering in are two different aspects of My laws.  You find Me within, but when the door is opened, it is You found within Me. It’s like when you receive a gift in the natural world, you can’t just receive the gift, but you must open it to experience it.  Oh yes, when you knock, you will experience all I have for you, so knock and keep on knocking.
   Asking then, is to receive a gift from a giver.  Seeking is experiencing the Giver Himself, and knocking is learning to dwell in that which you experience; Him!
   Do you want to dwell in Me, My friend?”
I am forever,
Your Dwelling Place, Jesus

   “My Dwelling Place!  Wow, I never realized there was such a progression in these spiritual laws.  I am overwhelmed by Your infinite understandings.  Of course, I want to dwell in You.  Your love is never ending.  I am so graced and blessed by Your explanations.  You always compel my heart to sing of the richness of Your exactness, Your perfection, Your goodness!  Amen.”

2nd Corinthians 10:5: Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.

   “Sweet one, imaginations not of Me are consuming your time.  Time you could be spending with Me!  They are tearing you down when you should be tearing them up.  These imaginations are contrary to My mind.  We do not live by the standards of the natural man, so set your mind on things above and not beneath where flesh rules.
   You must clearly see the battle that is going on. It is after your peace.  Pay attention now.  We do not wage war the way the world does.  We take the sword of the Spirit and destroy those imaginations.  You are always listening to one imagination after another: “well, look what you did… well, you are so unimportant to God… well, you can’t understand the word of God… well, you are offensive… well, you don’t make any sense to anyone… well…well…well.  So many thoughts; all vying for your attention, but they are nothing except a snare to your soul.  Tear them up!  They are just obstacles looking for a place to happen.  Instead, listen to Me, Your Servant.  I am vying for your attention too.  I am here to serve you daily, not just sometimes.  Do not believe those imaginations anymore.  Believe the truth.  Believe what I say about you.
   When I created the apple tree, its’ fruit reminded me of you.  Every time you look at an orchard, count the apples and you will know how many times a day I think of you as the apple of My eye, the joy of My heart, and the fulfillment of My dreams.  Think on this, for it is lovely and virtuous.
   I am not going to mislead you; this exercise in thought, will require daily attendance.  The snare of the fowler is deadly, and he wants to devour you.  But we will not let him.  We will capture every imagination.  We will tear them up until you are absolutely convinced that you are the apple of My eye and we will think alike.
   Will you cast down imaginations?”
I am forever,
our Creator, Jesus

   “My Creator!  My heart skipped a beat when I heard your tender words of encouragement.  I want to believe you, but the idea of being the apple of Your eye seems like a faraway dream.  Even thinking about it during this rapturous moment, I am fighting to keep hold of it.  We will overcome this together, won’t we!!!  How breathtaking!!! Amen.”

Colossians 2:8: Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.

   “Tradition can be so subtle.  Mostly, one grows up believing what they are taught. It might not ever occur to them to question anything.  But, My beloved, I want you to question everything, because truth is the only thing that will free you from the things that hinder you.
   Ponder this My enthusiastic learner; what do you believe that is not true?  Oh my… did you not understand that everything you believe is not true?  Tell you what, if you will ask Me to show you the things in your understanding that are not born of Me, I will!  Oh, I not only will, but I have been waiting a long time to help you with this.  But you must pray sincerely with a pure desire to learn of Me.
   I must caution you to think upon this prayer.  It will not be easy on your flesh to change your thinking. This is especially true when it comes to traditional teachings of who I am.  My nature and character are so much different than what you have come to believe.
   You see what I mean?  I see how that affect you.  You must ponder this to see if you are really ready.  Let Me assure you; I will do this for you.  No man can make Me known unto you.  You alone must have the desire to truly know me.  There are many who have prophesied and cast out demons in my name.  I had to reveal to them that they really did not know me.  They only knew about Me; how My gifts work and how to “do” so many works that are simply born of the flesh.
   I will still love you if you decide not to pray this prayer.  Maybe you will be ready later… I remain faithful!
   Will you ask Me to show you?”
I am forever,
Your Faithfulness, Jesus

   “Oh Lord, my Faithfulness!  Am I ready to lay down something I believe when You want to show me it is not true?  I do not know; I hope so.  A hundred things are going through my mind right now.  Hmmmmm, what do I believe that is not true?  Oh boy, I know I want your heart on everything. Ooooooo, but do I? I do not know; I hope so.  I do want freedom in all areas of my life.  Do I really have a heart after God?  I think so, but do I really even know what that means?  This sounds like Lordship stuff.  Lord over everything?  Even over what I believe is true!  I guess what You are saying to me today is: ESPECIALLY over what I believe is true.  Thank You for Your faithfulness.  OK, I will mean it and ask with a pure motive to desire truth in my inner man.  Tell me sir, what do I believe that is not true?  Amen.”

1st Corinthians 7:23: You have all been redeemed at infinite cost; do not become slaves to men. (Weymouth)

   “At times you think you have no value.  Sometimes you cannot even shake the feeling of worthlessness. (We will deal with feelings on another day) But, for this moment, I have something else for you.
   You have heard it said that there is a mansion just over the hilltop, waiting for you.  But I say unto you, you ARE the mansion.  My words are Spirit, and they speak LIFE.  You are My mansion and I fill you with My treasures.
   Consider the price I paid for you!  Are you not worth it?  I say you are, and My word stands as Supreme in any courtroom. Haven’t I told you many times that you are My temple?  My temple, indeed, is a mansion!!!
   Think upon this.  Savor it.  Understand it.  Let it be your meditation to remind you of your value when you feel good for nothing.  Then one day, you will never feel that way again.
   I am the street of gold that is a light unto your path and a lamp unto your feet.
   Never accept anything less than this reality.  You are My mansion.  This is an immutable clarity of truth. Can you see how much you mean to Me?”
I am forever,
Your Reality, Jesus

    “My Reality! Whoa, that is huge.  You just get sweeter and sweeter as the days go by.  When I ponder what you just said, even though it tried to kick against a religious bone, I receive it with much gratitude.  Your expression of goodness towards me warms my soul. Amen.”

Proverbs 10:17: He is in the WAY of LIFE that keeps instructions: but he that refuses reproof errors.
Proverbs 10:17: People who accept discipline are on the pathway to life, but those who ignore correction will go astray.

   “You will recall I told you that I want you to know Me as LIFE itself!  This requires correction and reproof, as well as encouragement.  So, I want you to fully understand My motive when you face this side of My word.  I also want you to see the balance of My workmanship.
   I am bringing our time of Day 3 into remembrance so we can spend some worthwhile time exploring who I am when it comes to correcting your flesh.  Remember, I told you that your flesh is not who you are.  Oh, you live in a body, but it is condemned under the law of sin and death and will go to the grave.  Therefore, all your flesh can do, is lead you into sin.  This lesson, well-learned, will bring a pleasing fragrance to our relationship.
You are a Spirit; one Spirit with Me now, and I will never hurt you.  But I will destroy that thing that lives in your flesh.  It is death!  It keeps you estranged from Me.
   Here is how I am different than others in authority; All My correction is filtered through My love.  Even My wrath is filtered through My love.  Oh yes, I have a white-hot passion to destroy whatever keeps you from Me.  All My judgments, corrections and reproofs have one purpose; that in the end, it will produce a loving relationship between the two of us.  It will end well. Oh yes, it will!
   So, understand!  Sometimes you respond to My correction instantly, but there are times when your flesh kicks in and you do not want to be corrected.  I do not leave you, but the keen edge of my sword (fire) is not so fun.  I will use it when I must, for your good.  It is not like it was when you were a child and I could just wink at some things.  No, I do not wink anymore, because time has moved us forward and I am making you into a vessel of gold.  So, when things get a little heated, just realize, I am only burning away the dross (death) to expose the beauty of life within you.
Embrace Me in this and I promise you, there will come a day when you will be so hungry for life, you will recognize My reproof and welcome it quickly.
   Will you embrace correction?”
I am forever,
Your Authority, Jesus

   “Ouch! No, just kiddin’ Lord.  I know I need correcting at times.  It just seems that lately, I have needed a lot of it.  But, really, I am soooo glad you love me enough to tell me the truth.  I will listen carefully for Your balance in our relationship. Amen.”

Matthew 26:39: My Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me; nevertheless, not as I will, but as you will.” (EST)

   “Submission is a beautiful word.  Oh, I know you struggle with it, but it is only because you have not seen the life in it.  Trust Me!  The truth will make you free.  I know what I am talking about on this subject.  Submission offers protection and exaltation.  It is a heart attitude of respect towards all authority, domestic or spiritual.
   Remember the story in Acts when the rulers in Jerusalem told Peter and John to stop telling people about Me and they did not stop? I honored their position because it was My will for them to tell others about what I had done.  No domestic ruler has authority to interfere with anything I say. I am your Spiritual Ruler, and I am the Ruler over all the domestic rulers in your life.  You are to have a heart attitude of respect towards their authority.  It does not always require obedience, as I placed a very defined boundary on natural roles, but even then, you are to respect (from your heart) the limited authority I have given them. Obedience and submission are two different things. Obedience is an outward act. Submission is inward and comes from the heart.
   Let me give you an example using the husband-and-wife roles in marriage.  Let us call them Pete and Marissa.  Their friends, Larry, and Carmen, who are not married, come to visit, and stay overnight.  When it is time to retire for the evening, Pete tells his wife to make sure they have pillows on their spare bed.  Marissa says, (with a heart attitude of respect) “but they cannot sleep in the same room in our home”. Pete insists, and after some discussion, Marissa says, “ok, you are the authority here”. Now, Marissa thinks her responsibility to Pete is over, and it is.  She has done all she can in her domestic responsibility.  But she is NOT off the hook.  Marissa cannot put her husband’s authority above Mine.  She now answers to Me and My word.  What can she do?  She can respectfully explain to her husband that she will be back to fix breakfast, but she will be spending the night with her sister, as now, she answers to Me and cannot leave the impression that she agrees with her husband Pete.  Marissa would not be disrespecting authority; she would be respecting My word, and I would approve of what she did, and bless her for it.  If it annoys her husband, I will deal with him.  My word annoys those who do not love it.  Submission protects and exalts!  You will find many other examples of submission and obedience as you study My word.  A good place to start is with My servants, Daniel…the one in the lion’s den and Abigail who married David.  Daniel did not hurt the king; he was submissive, but he did not obey him.
   Authority is everywhere.  Many times, you can choose the rulers you want.  Notice who the authority is when you go to the grocery store, the bowling alley, a neighbor, or family member’s home, or perhaps your local church.  Are these people you would want to submit to, or want to obey?  If not, do not go there.
   Are you getting the picture?  Remember, I submitted and became obedient to the Supreme Authority, all the way to the cross. I let go of the last fragment of My own will.  It was the joy set before Me (the vision of your life becoming one with Me) that spurred Me on!  My Father never left Me; He exalted Me and gave Me the glory I had with Him before the world was: the glory of immortality.
   I have spent more time with you today because this lesson is so vital.  Likewise, when you are in a leadership position, you are not to lord it over anyone either, or be domineering towards those who are in submission to you.  Be an example of humility and serve them well.
   Yes, My beloved; submission is a beautiful word.  Learn it well.
   How do you see submission now?”
I am forever,
Your Ruler, Jesus

   “My Ruler!  Let this understanding, abundantly flow into my life, that I might not sin against You.  I see that I cannot use any domestic ruler as an excuse, because I see you are the ultimate authority.  I can see now that submission is a form of protection, making it desirable.  To obey your word will have to come first.  My will… it does get in the way, doesn’t it?  Help me, Lord!!! Amen.”

1st Peter 2:19: For this is thank-worthy, if a man for conscience toward God endure grief, suffering wrongfully. For what glory is it, if, when ye be buffeted for your faults, ye shall take it patiently? But if, when ye do well, and suffer for it, ye take it patiently, this is acceptable.

   “Questions on suffering are the ones most often asked of Me, as suffering escapes no one.  Among all the questions you have asked me, My beloved, this is one I enjoy answering the most, because I know when you see the truth in this matter, it will increase the love-bond I have with you. There are two things in this scripture that indicate reasons for the suffering that happens in this world: your own faults, or doing well in service to Me.  This means in all kinds of circumstances; you can judge the origin of your suffering.  Suffering has not come to make you doubt My love for you, but far too often that is what happens in your thinking!!!
   When you discover you are suffering because of something you did yourself, run to Me.  Do not run away from Me, for I stand ready to bring you victory from the inward wrestling that caused it in the first place.  When you allow My word to breakthrough, you will find that My refining love comes to yield a crop of peace.  I will help you press forward, with an even greater appreciation of My ability to make all things beautiful.  I promise you; the prize is worth passing through all these pesky struggles.
   When you suffer serving Me, do not think it strange!  Just realize that I suffered in like manner and I did so with a joyful, humble willingness.  How, you ask?  I understood something I want you to see.  I knew for every ounce of suffering I faced in serving Our Father, the result would be a better end for everyone; not only for Myself, but most importantly, for others.  The same thing is true for you.  So, when the persecutors come, do not reciprocate.  Keep your focus on Me, and together, we will joyfully overcome.  You will want to recall this lesson again and again as we travel on.
   When you are suffering, will you quickly come to Me and allow Me to help you?”
I am forever,
Your Co-laborer, Jesus

   “Lord, There is no way I can face this without You as my co-laborer.  I struggle so much with my attitude towards others, and I hate to admit it but there are times I even feel justified.  But I know this is not right.  My picture of Your love is not clear enough yet.  With some apprehension, I have to ask You to shine Your light brighter, that I may know You in sufferings.  Amen.”

Genesis 1:27: So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

   “Study me closely, My beloved, for I am your example.  I have come to be your LIFE.  I am the picture of the fullness of Love.  My characteristics are bold and strong, as you think of manly, but I am also gentle and kind, as you think of feminine.  The fullness of love requires both.
   So often what happens when I mention male and female, the mind immediately thinks in natural terms. I am not referring to physical attributes!  I am a spiritual pattern.  Remember, My words are Spirit.  Love is Spirit, with male and female traits fully united in one; the fullness of Love, with the ability to procreate.  This is My image. I have authority (male) as well as nourishment, (female). I am where Truth (male) and mercy (female) meet together.  Righteousness (male) and peace (female) kiss in Me.  This is how I can replicate Myself in you.  As you become like Me, you will experience this same life-giving Spirit.
   Do you want to be like Me?  I never needed the rewards of this world. I did not have to be coerced to serve God or man. I did not even need to be treated well.  All I wanted was to do the will of Him who sent Me. I want to fully equip you to be a part of a generation who will display My character and power.
   Do you want to be like Me?”
I am forever,
Your Pattern, Jesus

   “Well, Lord! I must say I never saw that as clearly as you have stated it.  This is a very sobering question in the light of day.  Let me think about it…….
   Ok, I thought about it Jesus, and I just think I’ve come too far with You to turn back now.  I have tasted and I have seen that You are good.  I see nothing good coming from answering “NO”.  So, my answer is “YES, definitely yes, I want to be like You!!! Amen.”

Genesis 1:5: And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night.  And the evening and the morning were the first day.

   “A complexity of questions!  You are full of them.  It is because the world you live in is upside down.
  My day begins in the evening.  Darkness is upon the face of the deep (spiritual understanding) when you first come to know Me.  But as My seed grows within you, the darkness diminishes, and My light begins to shine on the horizon.  Each new insight you receive makes the noon day sun (where I want you to live forever) a closer reality.
    My mind is not complex.  It is simple.  Your natural mind is where complexity reigns.  Therefore, you must become as a child to enter My Kingdom.  Therefore, you must slow down to catch up with Me.  You have a point of view and I have a viewpoint.  I see everything.  This is why I purpose and do not plan.
   What?  Oh… you want Me to explain the difference in planning and purposing!  Well, have you ever planned something My love, and it did not happen?  Of course you have: someone did not do what they were supposed to, you got a flat tire, the phone rang, somebody got sick, or a myriad of other possibilities took place that caused your plan to fail.  You could not manipulate enough people to make your plan succeed.  How did that make you feel?  Like a failure?  Yes, I know!
   This is why planning is not My way.  I purpose; this is why I can always leave you with a choice.  Manipulation is NOT My way!  You see, I know how to work the results of your choice into an ultimate blessing.  I work everything after the counsel of My own will, and let you make up your own mind.  Oh yes, I do!  I am good at it!  Yes, I Am!  I never fail!
   Today, let us spend time looking into My word.  Find everything that refers to the will of My Father and you will get better acquainted with Me.  Just let Me give you an example: Isaiah 14:24: The LORD of hosts hath sworn, saying, surely as I have thought, so shall it come to pass; and as I have purposed, so shall it stand.
   Purpose has more ability within it than any other power that exists.  Understanding this, will cause you to see that I am bigger than you realized! The world today, made the words plan and purpose synonymous.  But it has never been so! You never find My word using “plan” until after the 17th century.  It was not even a word until then. Do not use this word when you are speaking of Me. It will only confuse you.
   Beginning today, think purpose and you will not fail.  I have a purpose for your life.  You accept many responsibilities, such as being a parent, or a teacher, etc.…but those things are not your purpose.  The purpose of your life is to know Me!  My purpose is to make you in My image!
   When you plan, you cannot miss a beat.  But when you purpose, you have flexibility to change your mind or change your course.  For in purpose, there is liberty and where My Spirit is, there is liberty.  This became a problem for you when these two words became as one in your thinking and caused you to misunderstand My ways. I am spontaneously creative in My relationship with you.  Plan paints a picture of you as My robot, instead of what you really are, My companion.
   See Me in purpose, My one and only. I will continue to make every crooked place in your thinking, straight.  I want you free and unfettered to share in My world.  You are beginning to notice; it is the one that is right side up.
   Do you see how your lack of understanding this has caused you some unnecessary problems?”
I am forever,
Your Companion, Jesus

   “My Companion, Oh my goodness, yes!  I do think upside down, don’t I?  I am a list maker.  I plan my entire day and You are right; I never get it all done and I often feel like a failure.  Such a minor change in my thinking, but WOW, what a big difference this will make.  I can see my planning put me in bondage.  I remember Lord, when our whole family “planned” to go to the movies and we ran into an accident on the highway and the harder we tried to get there, the be-hinder we got.  It was so frustrating.  We missed the movie and just went back home, feeling let down.  If I had understood this then, it would have been a great teaching moment for my children and I might have had the good sense to just say, let’s go to Chucky Cheese’s instead and been happy about it.  I can see now that purpose is the understanding of a flow of Life.  I made things such law, didn’t I? Forgive me!  Amen.”

Romans 12:2a: Be not conformed to this world but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.

   “I know you have considered our conversations over and over and over.  My beloved, This is good.  I commend you for this, as it is My will for you.  Always flood your mind with the sound counsel of My word and the love I share with you.
   Certainties and doubts have stacked themselves on top of each other.  Questions have been asked and answered, not always in order, but ALWAYS!  Remember the time you thought you had a 24-carat question I could not possibly answer?  You thought you had come up with a doozie, one I had not bargained on and never heard before, but then you discovered the truth.  You could not ask a serious question I could not answer.  It set your feet to dancing, and your heart was jubilant.
   Today, doubts are losing, and certainties are winning.  It is faith in My word that is giving you the victory.  By now, you have discovered My word is an opposer to your flesh; a triumph in adversity, and a victory over any education that esteems itself above the knowledge of God.  Always remember, it is not adversity that teaches you, but the knowledge of My word in the midst of adversity.  Some exalt adversity as a great teacher, but it is not!  Oh, it gets your attention, but if you do not use the principles in My word to learn to overcome adversity, you will be defeated.  Keep this uppermost in your understanding and glorify My word, not adversity.
   My word will transform your thinking; it will transform your character; it will transform your life and it will always guide you to victory.
   Will you let My word transform you?”
I am forever,
Your word, Jesus

   “Jesus, my word!  I must admit that I have rubbed a couple of brain cells together on this one.  I did not see this as clearly as You have explained it here.  It certainly puts the word in a greater perspective, and more clearly explains my need for getting familiar with what is written.  Thank you. Amen.”

Day 22  TIME
Mark 4:19c: The lusts of other things entering in, choke the word.

    “This day is like no other!  But, My companion, you have discovered that every day you spend with me is like no other, haven’t you?!  Oh, happy day when My love and I…oops, back to the business at hand.
So, what’s sidetracking you now?  Yes, that is right.  It’s all those other things entering in.  I know you are quite capable of doing many things.  I have two words for that.  Martha, Martha!
   Today is examination day!  Smile now, My love.  The test today is time.  Pay attention to your time.  What is on your plate today?  Check off what is really unnecessary.  What have you obligated yourself to do?  It is time to learn to say no.  You will not be letting Me down.  People take advantage of your generosity.  You let them.  It may bring you some temporary satisfaction to your flesh, but I am not in most of it  You will save yourself some frustration if you learn this lesson well.  We will be able to spend more time picnicking on the mountains, eating and drinking the best nourishment available.
   Make a list of the things you spend your tie on.  What can you eliminate?”
Let Me be forever,
Lord of your time, Jesus

   “Lord! Your timing is impeccable.  That hit me right between the eyes. 
   I see that smile on your face.  Why do you laugh like a roly poly man when I say things like that?  Now, You have gotten me to laughing.  lol
   Truthfully though, I have been frustrated lately.  Everyone is vying for my attention.
   Cinderella, Cinderella!  All I hear is Cinderella.
   Do this for me, do that!
   Here I am now,
   A used up door-mat!
   Yes, I know.  It is my fault.  It changes today.  I get your point! Amen.”

Philippians 4:9:  Those things, which ye have both learned, and received, and heard, and seen in me, do: and the God of peace shall be with you.

   “Remember the first time I asked you to peek inside yourself to see what was there?  You could not slam the door fast enough.  You saw all kinds of boxes wrapped in chains.
   After getting over the shock, you opened the door a crack and took another look.  Since that time, we have been slowly identifying those chains.  Each time a chain was broken, it was like jack-in-the-box popped up and you could see the light.   
    Hold on to that which is good.  Those chains kept you from the light of My word.  They had you bound and you could not let go of the very things that would set you free.
   Today, let’s talk about three hurdles to overcome that effect everyone.  The ecclesiastical, financial, and political hurdles.
   Religious chains in the ecclesiastical world, blind you to the liberty I have for you.  They require Me to be stern and a hard taskmaster.  Those chains are always clang, clang, clanging at you.  They can only condemn you.  They are about law and man’s measure.  You cannot find liberty within these chains.  So, quit trying to!!!
   Financial chains in the material world, blind you to the liberty I have called you to also.  They cause unbelief in My ability to provide for you.  They make you focus on wanting and having things that ultimately do not satisfy.  It is not that I do not want you to have things, I just do not want things to have you.  I can help you with this.
  Political chains are simply ideologies that cause fights.  Everyone picks a side, and the battle just keeps rolling on.  It is an addictive darkness to which the players seldom maintain My integrity.  Pray for your leaders and render unto them what is due.  Follow My lead.
   So, My darling, before we reach our destination, there are still some chains in these realms I want to help you break. Will you let Me?”
I am forever,
Your Chain-breaker, Jesus

   “My Chain-breaker!  You get a resounding yes on this one Jesus!  Yes, yes, yes!  So let it be! Amen.”

Proverbs 11:13: A talebearer  reveals secrets: but he that is of a faithful spirit conceals the matter.
Proverbs 16:28: A froward man sows strife: and a whisperer separates chief friends.

   “Did you see what happened when you told Joe what Julia said?  I did!  Joe thought the one person in the whole world that he could count on to have his back was Julia, and when you told him what Julia said about him, even though it was a little thing, it cut him deeply.  He has never quite recovered from it.  It put a terrible strain on his relationship with Julia.
   I have pointed this out for a reason.  You are growing, and now is the time to deal with this flaw in your character.  I know you will repent because I know you want My correction now.  Pass the following instruction on to others.
   Here is what I want you to do:  Pay attention to your words.  Whenever you find your lips uttering “he said, she said, or they said “STOP!  Simple enough?  NO, this will not be simple.  It will be a struggle that will require work, work, work!  But I will help you.  Lean upon Me and you will see.  You will learn to keep from revealing what is said, not only in private, but always. It is simply not in good taste to repeat a matter.
   Here is another point.  When someone says to you, I want to tell you something, but it is just between us, stop them right there.  That is a trap.   Tell them it depends on what they say.  Otherwise, it will put you into bondage to them.  You see, if they tell you something that you know you should never keep quiet, you just lost your liberty to say anything.  Tell them the ground rules and then if they want to tell you, go ahead and listen.
   Find a friend, perhaps even two, who you can share most everything.  Everyone needs a confidant, a listening ear.
   Come along with Me in this My beloved.  I will honor every effort you make.
   Will you make it a point to stop saying: He said, she said, they said?”
I am forever,
Your Counselor, Jesus

   “You are so right my Counselor!  I am so sorry I told Joe what Julia said.  I will never do that again.  You have such great advice.  It is like a sweet dessert; it always tastes good to my heart.  I will definitely pass this around at the dinner table.  We will have it for dessert tonight.  Please keep watch over the door of my lips.  Thank you.  Amen.”

Colossians 3:13: Forbearing one another, and forgiving one another, if any man have a quarrel against any: even as Christ forgave you, so also do ye.

   “Let’s talk about forgiveness again today, My love.
   Whether it is an alcoholic father, a child beater, a dominating pastor, or any other figure that can inflict great harm, unforgiveness will always be the loser.
   When there is no forgiveness, you treat the offender according to the hurt you feel towards them, instead of according to my word. (We will talk about feelings another day)  For now, let me ask you this:  Do you know when you do not forgive, it affects our relationship?  There are some chains in your life that I do not deal with because they have unforgiveness written all over them.  I want to deal with them, because it is not My will for you to be a little bit whole; I want you to be every whit whole.  Most of My saving grace is about becoming whole.
   I can unravel all hurts.  You have packed some away in a box and put it in the back of the attic.  Let us go open it.
   One by one now, forgive each one.  You may have to make an effort to forgive more than once because you won’t let go of some of it.  Lean on Me, I will even help you let go.
   Ok now, ask forgiveness from Me for holding a grudge, and holding on to the pain.  I will forgive you immediately.
   You are not blameless yourself.  Sometimes you have caused others pain.  Now, do not try to forgive yourself for any of this; ask for forgiveness from Me.  Self cannot forgive self.  You will not find that in My word.  That is one of those chains of bondage in your own thinking.  You ask forgiveness and you still do not “feel” forgiven, so you must have to forgive yourself, you reason. NO!  What happened here, is that you have either, not really received the forgiveness you asked for, or you base it on how you feel.  It is not based on how you feel.  It is based on My word.
   Do you really think I would go against My word and not forgive? When you ask for forgiveness, I forgive.  Have faith in My word.
   You see, My beloved, forgiveness literally means to let go.  Let go of debts others owe you, the same way I let go of all your debts.
   Well today is the day!  Let’s start with a clean slate.  Let us erase all debts.  Let us declare a day of Jubilee!!!
   Make a list of those you need to forgive.  Who do you hold bitterness against?  Now, go one by one, and release them from your unforgiveness.
   Will you let go and forgive?”
I am forever,
Your Jubilee, Jesus

   I like the sounds of that!  My Jubilee!  The gospel really is good news.  Every time I hear the real truth, not so-called truth, I get a little bit freer!  I can see now that when I do not forgive, it only genders bondage in my own life.  Forgive me My Lord.  Thank you, oh thank you so much Jesus, for your loving, forgiving heart. Amen.”

1st John 3:20: For if our heart condemns us, God is greater than our heart, and knows all things.

   “It may surprise you to know that I have never condemned you.  Oh, I know there are pictures painted of My love that portrays Me as a condemner, a hard task master, but I am not!
   So, you want to know why you feel condemned.  We will talk about feelings another day, but for now, let me say this: I came to reconcile you unto Myself, not to condemn you.  My Spirit “convicts” you of sin.  I am NOT the author of the guilt you experience.  It is another one of those chains I am breaking right now.  Change your thinking!  Agree with My word.  See Me for who I am and not for what others say about Me.  I am very impotent in the eyes of many.  I promise you, if you do not limit Me, I will show you how grand I am.  I will show you how capable I am.  I will show you the reality of the end results of My Goodness, in you, and all of humanity.
   Condemn you?  Never!  So, do not condemn yourself or anyone else.
   Will you let go of that bondage?”
I am forever,
Your goodness, Jesus

   “Oh, My Goodness!  I let my feelings defeat me over and over and over on this one.  I did think that was You.  How awful!  I am sorry Lord.  Please forgive me and my foolishness.  I pray for others who have fallen prey to this same lousy picture of You.  I can see this is just another one of those times when we just keep seeing you in our image, instead of the other way around.  I ask forgiveness for the whole community of believers who have ever engaged in this lie.  Bless us with understanding Lord, that we might not sin against You.  Amen.”

DAY 27: 2nd PLACE
Revelation 3:20: Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hears my voice, and opens the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.

   “I have been willing to take second place and wait awhile for you.  You have asked Me to be your Savior, but if you can understand that I still wait and wait and wait to be first in your life, you will be able to understand how important you are to Me. I do not want you to be robbed of your right to be complete in My saving grace, so I keep knocking on the door of your heart.  Open yourself to My Lordship.  Place me first in everything.  I want the preeminence in your entire life.
   Up until now, you have had no idea how thrilling, yet peaceful, it can be during your time on the earth.  This is not about developing your brain, or your five senses.  It is foolishness to put your priority on that and rob your heart of its’ growth.
   I do not want to hammer home this lesson, so I wait.  I will not make you choose rightly.  I know how to wait.  I wait joyfully, expecting you will one day yield all the reigns of your life to Me.  Then, I will demonstrate love like you have never known.
   Will you consider your choices more seriously?”
I am forever,
Your High Priest, Jesus

   “My High Priest!  Your words are compelling.  I cannot sugar coat this.  You have proven you can answer My questions.  You have always been available in difficulties, but I admit, there are things that I hang on to, that I shouldn’t.  Even though I know You are not Lord over them yet, I want You to be.  Teach me to let go!  Teach me to throw caution to the wind when it comes to trusting You.  I guess I wonder if You can really come through for me.  Lord over it all!!!  Why am I so hesitant?  Maybe I am afraid of what You will ask of Me.  Oh Jesus, let it be that I choose You first in everything. Amen.”

   Romans 12:11: Never be lazy in showing such devotion.  Be on fire with the Spirit.  Serve the Lord (NSV)

   “Oh, how I cherish your inner fire for Me, My love.  I know exactly how many times you have had to cool those flames because of the Pharisees, who, through jealousy and arrogance, wanted to establish control and dominion over your life.  They cannot understand your passionate desire for Me.  They just want to tame you, in my name, and put you among their rank and file.  It is not that you have not tried!  But you break rank every time.  Then you always feel wounded, just like you feel right now.  I will deal with feelings later, but for now, let Me say this: here we are again, dressing your wounds and soothing your fears.
   The hour has come, My beloved!  I am going to deal with this once and for all.  I am fortifying you today.  You will never again cower to the strait jackets of pomp and circumstance, nor the traditions of man.  Come out from among that crowd.  They are the same ones who crucified Me.  Forgive, and move on.  Be like Abraham; go out, not knowing where you are going.  Come away with Me.  Come, we will ride on the high places of My Spirit.  I am strong, and I am making you strong.
   So have I spoken it, so shall it be. 
   Will you come out of the valley?”
I am forever,
Your Fortifier, Jesus

   “Jesus, My Fortifier!  Finally, as last I see You in this valley.  I know You have always been here with Me.  At times, I was hanging on for dear life.  I used to rock back and forth in the rocking chair I bought for rocking my babies when they were little, and I would say, “Is there no love?”  I can see now, there was not; I was terrified by their faces!  They told me You were peeling me like an onion.  I remember saying to You once (in a very wounded tone), that does not make any sense. because when you peel an onion, all you get is more onion.  That was when you You showed me the apple orchard and told me I was the apple of Your eye. OK, I am more than ready to receive your strength Lord.
   Whoo, whoo, I am ecstatic.  I sense freedom from Mormonism, coming in every area of this issue; praise the Lord.  (See under “Testimonials” on this website, “WITHDRAWING FROM MORMONISM.)
Thank you, My Fortifier!

John 4:24: God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship in spirit and in truth.

   “You have asked me about this more than once.  Today, your ears are ready to hear.
   When I say your ears are ready to hear, I am not talking about hearing with the natural ear.  Worshiping in spirit and truth is the same idea.  It is not an outward demonstration, but an inward state of being.  You become a living praise unto Me, in harmony with My purpose.  Man does not see what I see!  It goes beyond the assembly of believers singing and giving of thanks.  It is not about choirs, concerts and entertainment groups.  Those are full of what the natural ears and eyes can observe.
   True worship lies beyond what one speaks or sings.  It is not shouting words of adulation to Me, but a true state of being that redounds to My glory, ruled by My mind and will.  This, My beloved, is the fullness of worship, a new rhythm in your heart.
   Will you worship Me in spirit and in truth?”
I am forever,
Your Worship, Jesus.

   “My boundless Love, I am speechless!  Amen.”

DAY 30
Ephesians 4:23-24: Be renewed in the spirit of your mind: And put on the new man, which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness.

   “It is true; I have given you many truths!  Now, I want to show you balance in all of them.  Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to live a balanced life.  This has nothing to do with a little of this or a little of that.  This has everything to do with true holiness; not a certain action on your part, doing something, but a respect for a balance few ever mention.  In fact, I only mention it twice in my word.  It is hidden from the casual reader.
   True holiness is to balance My truths with My grace.  There are those who hit people over the head with My truths.  You will recognize them.  They have pompous attitudes and love to strut their knowledge as they strain at gnats, and swallow camels.  They are hypocrites.  Others love to excuse everything they do.  You will recognize them also.  They use My grace, thinking I wink at their obvious sin.  They are also hypocrites.
   Oh, but you have never done anything like this have you? Oh, you have!  Of course, I knew this, but I was wanted you to see it for yourself.  It requires seasoning to never be hypocritical.  To some degree, everyone experiences shades of hypocrisy.  True holiness is a sign of maturity.  A balanced life is seasoned with salt.
   Work with me on this now.  It will be a perfect marriage; truth and grace walking hand in hand!
   Do you agree?”
I am forever,
Your Groom, Jesus

   “My Groom!  First of all, I was not sure I was hearing You right.  So I did some research.  I know when You say something to me, Your word will confirm it.  So, I looked up the words “true holiness”.  I found out You did indeed use it two times.  The second thing I did was look to see what the Greek speaking people had to say about it.  They confirmed what You told me.  It means: Regarding truth and grace equally. They used a little-known word: hosiotes 
   I see, I cannot walk in the truth if it is not seasoned with the salt of grace. The same thing is true of grace.  I cannot walk in grace if it is not seasoned with the salt of Your truth.  You are one salty groom!  Thanks for making everything taste so good.  I love you Jesus. Amen.”

DAY 31
John 6:66: From this time many of his disciples turned back and no longer followed him.
Matthew 26:34″ Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee, That this night, before the cock crows, thou shalt deny me thrice.

   “My jewel among jewels, let’s have some fun.  These moments together are so pure, and undiluted.  We have had such fun letting all the sunbeams out of the dark.  The angels always ask for re-runs when it is time for videos.  No, I’m teasing, but I heard you laugh about this with a friend who shared some of these same moments with us.  I gave that friend to you, you know!  One who would go the same way, share the same kind of world, sing the same music, dance to the same drumbeat, need the same kind of food, and be warmed by the same kind of love.  It is how I work.
   Nevertheless, I am here to fellowship with you, because I know you are feeling lonely.  I will speak to you concerning feelings on another day, but for now, let me say this:  I was never lonely.  Not even when I went to the garden to pray; not even when I hung on the cross.  Everyone had left me, except My Father.  He was enough for even that moment.  He never left Me. (Refer to Day 7)  Remember, some left me, because they did not like the words I spoke.
   So, count it not strange when you keep growing, and others will not go with you.  But a few will!  Each step of growth you take, you will find a few of your friends will drop out of sight.  So, rejoice with who remains, knowing I will always be with you.  I am enough!
   Now, let’s get out of here, and go to the park.  I have packed a lunch!  Yum!  Milk and sugar cookies (manna) with a few things hidden under them.  FUN!
   Will you follow Me wherever I go?”
I am forever,
Available for fellowship, Jesus

   “My Jesus!  Well, You just destroyed another picture I had of You.  Thank you!  You continue to amaze me.  You are awe-inspiring, and yet, fun and loving.
   I will follow You wherever You go.  Right now, the park sounds great!  I’m hungry!  Thank You for providing lunch! Amen.”

DAY 32
Genesis 3:1: Now the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field which the LORD GOD had made. (completed/finished)
John 8:44: Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do.  He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him.  When he speaks a lie, he speaks of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

   OK, My beloved, we are going to get another crooked path straight today.  Myths and fairy tales abound because the serpent is exactly as My word says: Subtle!  But, I made him for a purpose.  If I never offered you a choice, you would simply be a robot.  You could have no relationship with me.
   You have heard the myth that portrays him as an angel in the beginning.  I did not make the serpent an angel; I made him a serpent.  This truth is so plain in My word, so this should prove something to you.  See how subtle the serpent is?!!!  He wants the credit for everything.  The only place he can become so powerful is in the minds of many.
   Even so, he cannot do anything without My permission.  Remember, I do not look at the flesh the way you do.  All the while he has been trying to destroy life, I have been increasing.  He will not succeed. 
   I offered you a choice between life and death and told you to choose life.  Listening to the subtleties of the serpent is death.  But when your mind is stayed on Me, it genders life.  Choose life!  Soon, you will give him no place!
   Can you see the serpent more clearly now?”
I am forever,
Your Life-giver, Jesus

   “My Life-giver!  Well, this certainly provokes another pool of questions.  But I know you have an answer.  You have captured my attention.  From my whole heart, I am so grateful to You for wanting a relationship with me and giving me a choice.  I shall be eternally grateful that You explain your word when I need answers. Amen.”

Day 33
Psalms 91:1-2: He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.  I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.

   “You are desperate!  There is nothing you can do, My beloved.  You have depended on Me for many things, many times.  But today is different.  This circumstance is a matter of life and death.  Can you depend on Me, even when it makes no sense, when it is not you, but a loved one, who needs My help?
   The fog ahead is dense.  The roads are treacherous, but you must remember, I am the Driver.  Now is not the time to lean on your own understanding, but now is the time for remembering.  Recall the safe passage we found through all the potholes, and turbulent winds, you have already experienced.  You will learn I can be depended on when you need Me the most.
   Speak to your soul with Me now, and say, peace be still!  Come on, say it with Me now.  “Peace be still!”
I am forever,
Your Refuge and Fortress, Jesus

   “My Refuge and My Fortress!  I hate this feeling of desperation, of being powerless, and a silent heaven.  I wish you would teach Me about feelings, but for now, let me say this. HELP!  I cannot stand it.  It is not fair.
   My loved one did not do anything to deserve this.  I do not care about me.  Just help her.
  OK, I will try to remember some things here.  There were so many faith defining moments when I needed You.  In the 80’s, the doctors. had given up on helping me during a very serious colon problem, and You healed me.
   But, but, but, OK,
   In the late 90’s You healed me of fibromyalgia.
   But, but,…OK,
   You healed my son of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis in the 70’s.  I remember the doctors. saying they thought he had leukemia and You raised up inside of me and said with a thunder, NOOO!  They eventually diagnosed him right.  I brought that need to You and You healed him.
   You spared My grandson’s life more than once.
   OK Lord, this really helped to bring those good things into remembrance.  I am doing better now.  I trust You.  I have depended on You so many times.  I will depend on You this time too.  Knowing You as My refuge and fortress at this time, is especially comforting.  Thank you. Amen.”

DAY 34
Romans 5:10: For if, when we were enemies, we were reconciled to God by the death of His Son, much more, being reconciled, we shall be saved (made whole) by His life.

   “What’s that?  You just want to die and go to heaven because you are feeling so miserable?  I will deal with feelings on another day, but for now, let Me say this:  I did not come so that you could die and go to heaven.  I came to produce My image in you.  Have you not heard, have you not read, I am here to make you whole, to mature you, to cause you to be like Me.  I want us to see one another face to face.  I want you to know Me as I Am, as I really am!
   If all I did was die so you could go to heaven, you could have no victory in this life.  My death paid your penalty and I died willingly to reconcile all.  As important as this is, it is only by the power of My resurrection that you are made whole.  It is the life I live now, where-by we have communication.  It is through the growth of My life in you, where-by you find the victory in this world.  You have tribulations here, but we overcome them all by My resurrection life within you.
   So, come on: dust your-SELF off.  Focus on Me.  I am the Resurrection; I am your victory!
   Can you go beyond the cross and join Me in My resurrection victory?”
I am forever,
Your Victory, Jesus

   “My Victory!  I am sorry Lord.  I let my flesh get in the way again, didn’t I?  I see my mind needs to be stayed on the glory of your ascension.  Already, as I refocus, I can tell my day will be much better.  Your grace is always enough.  Thank you. Amen.”

Day 35
1st Samuel 15:23: For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry.

   “It’s Me again.  This time I am showing you My quick and powerful side.  I am here with My word that judges your thoughts and motives.
   You will recall the many times you heard My still, quiet voice say, “you are committing idolatry.”  You paid it no attention because you thought there was no truth in it, so you just knew it could not be Me.  It was!  Only you did not realize idolatry comes in many forms.
   Today, I am saying it again.  You must know for absolute certainty that works born of the flesh are to be dead to you.  Idolatry is excessive attachment or devotion to anything.
   The enticing words of man’s wisdom have trapped you.  Their flattering lips seduced you.  They caused you to commit idolatry.  Giving homage to man’s ideas, man’s kingdom’s, man’s potential, and man’s glory is against My word.  It invades My territory, and I am jealous over you as One who will have you as His own.  You are espoused to Me and not another.
   I will cleanse what is poisonous to our union, until there is no compromise left in you.  I will thoroughly crush all kingdoms, within and without, by the same power Source you have come to know as LOVE.  Oh yes, My love for you is why I have forgiven you.  Up until now, you have not been afflicted with the keen edge of My s-word; repent now or I will have to use it.
   Will you repent?”
My word will forever be,
Your Judge, Jesus

   “My Judge!  I repent.  I am so sorry.  I need the discipline and correction of Your instruction.  I want to be like You.  I want to be devoted only to you.  I ask for wisdom.  I want no other in Your stead. Amen.”

DAY 36
Hosea 6:3a: Then shall we know, if we follow on to know the Lord.

   “It is time to take a turn in the road, My beloved.  You should well understand that not many will travel this road.  All they see are roadblocks, holes and the torrent weather.  I am merely a ticket to them; a doorway to heaven  But I am so much more than the Way.  It is time to travel on to know Me.
   It is necessary to take the very next right; it will lead us to where we want to go next.  When I turn, come with Me.  If you do not, the light that is in you will become darkness.  That darkness will overwhelm your soul.
   Think of it like this:  We understand from our earthly life that babies are born, grow to be teenagers, and finally become adults; so also, should it be in your spiritual life.  I want you to grow to Spiritual maturity.  So, when I say move on, it is vitally important that you do so.  During these particular times, you will need to hang on just a little bit tighter because it will be bumpy and the weather…. well, let’s just say, the climate will change.  It could get brutal.  It did for Me.
   My word is alive.  Even though you will experience some changes in your understanding as we travel on together, I will ask you to pack your bags for three major changes.  When I make these moves, it will be as if scales are falling off your eyes, and you will think it is a brand- new book.  It is not though. It is just My living word working in you.  You are just joining Me in another dimension of My Viewpoint.  Remember, I have viewpoints, not points of view.  Review Day 20. 
   So, let’s make the turn now.  I promise you; it will be worth it.
   Is growing important to you?”
I am forever,
Your Traveling Companion, Jesus

    My Traveling Companion, “My, my, oh my Lord!  Traveling with you is like a risky, but captivating adventure.  OK, my bags are packed and I am ready to leave.  Let’s go and grow!  Amen.”

DAY 37
Psalms 5:3: My voice shalt thou hear in the morning, O LORD; in the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee, and will look up.

   “Oh, I have such a good thought to pause and think about today, My love.  It is “Ask and Listen”!  It is coming on the gentle winds of encouragement.
   Do you know what has thrilled me more than anything else since you started traveling with Me?
   It was the day you asked Me to reveal Myself to you and you meant it!!!  My feet got to dancin’ and my heart got to pumpin’!!!  I knew at that precise moment, one day I would say to My Father: “There is another one Father, she looks just like Me.”
   Then, just as importantly, you began to listen for the answer.  You had found the right question again.  I truly like it when you ask Me questions.  I really like it when you listen for an answer.  Remember the time you asked your pastor a question and he said, you sure ask a lot of questions; now if we can just find a man with the answers?  I chuckled, but I knew it perplexed you.  You thought he should have had the answer.  But, if you will also remember, I answered the question you asked him.  You quit asking man and started asking Me.  That is why I chuckled.  I knew it would come to this.  Didn’t I say, ask, that your joy might be full!  Oh, how I have delighted to answer you.  You have been quick to discover that I know how to wade through the dark places of your mind and make them Light.
   Ah yes, you discovered the secret to asking is to listen for the answer.  I never tire of your questions, I love them.
   Ask away!”
I am forever,
Your Answer Man

   “I do remember that Jesus.  So, now I have another question…… Jes teasin’.  I am so thankful to have an Answer Man. Amen!”

DAY 38
John 6:26: Verily, verily, I say unto you, Ye seek me, not because ye saw the miracles, but because ye did eat of the loaves, and were filled.

   “I have a cure for everything.  I can blow on it, pull on it or spit on it, but cure it, I will.  When you have a care, I have a cure.  By My Spirit, I do miracles.  Sheer muscle and will power, will never make anything of My Spirit, happen.  You have been attracted to Me because of the gifts of miracles and healing in operation by My Spirit.  You have heard, “Come see the man”, more than once.  Enthusiastically, you followed the crowd, not noticing it did not increase your faith.  You wasted so much energy on perishable food; just like a teenager full of energy and excitement. Which was necessary but for your benefit now, I want to take a turn on the road up ahead.
   I am telling you the most solemn and sober truth now.  I want you to come away, alone with Me, to find the food that nourishes LIFE; the food that only I can provide.  This food is guaranteed to last.  I will make you alive and whole, without all the noise that silences My word that allows you to grow into maturity.  This requires a hearty appetite for more of Me and less of you.  There is no need to keep laying a foundation over and over.  You must step to the sidelines now.  Let Me become the center; I am the LIFE, complete and always.  Stop following the crowd.  Stop going to “see the man”.  Press towards the prize of knowing me as LIFE.
Will you stop going to “see the man?”
I am forever,
Your Life, Jesus

   “My LIfe, Truly, I have known you as the miracle worker, Lord.  I remember the time a bill was due when we were reaching out to the poor.  It was $100 and I only had $50.  I had to fill my car with gas which would take the $50.  As I was filling my car with gas, I heard,  “I am going to pay for this.”  I looked around to see who said it and no one was there.  I thought I must be imagining things.  I handed the cashier my fifty and  he said, “someone has already paid for this.  I am sorry ma’am, but my register says it is paid”.  I said to myself, “yes, and I know Who paid it.”  But doubt immediately hit me; Again, I said to myself, “that is not enough to pay the bill that is due!”  That afternoon, You sent someone to my door; someone I did not know.  She handed me $100 and said You told her to give it to me.  You supplied my need and gave me enough to buy food for someone else.  It was a miracle.  Those days were filled with financial miracles and healing of all sorts.  You were in it all.
   I did follow all the evangelists and meetings I could.  But you are right, it did not produce faith. I just kept going around and around the same mountains, just like the Israelites.  I do not regret it; it was, as you say, a time of growth.  Hold My hand please.  I will come away with You.  I want to follow You with total submission and unfaltering obedience.
   I want to know You as Life. Amen.”

DAY 39
Romans 8:2: For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and grace.

    “Beloved, I want you to notice something you are always doing.  When I reveal Myself in a greater measure to you, you try to become like Me.  I do want you to become like Me, but I grow in you through the law of the Spirit of Life (grace).  You swing back under the law of sin and death (self-works) every time because you listen to imaginations that seduce you to measure up.  Merely respond again and again, by trusting Me; embrace the grace that I have provided for each stage of your growth.  
   I am emphatic about this!  I have set you free to live free.  Never again attempt to grow by your own efforts.  You cannot add anything to your stature.

   We were riding together delightfully, But you took a detour.  I did not ride with you when you took that last detour; I got out.  You barely noticed until I had to chastise you to get your attention.  I am back on the road with you again now, and I do not want to quit communicating with you ever again.  Pay attention, do not count this as trivial. 
   Motivated by My Spirit, study My word and stay free.  This is true freedom!  While we travel together, steer clear of law-dominated thinking, a noxious accumulation of mental and emotional rubbish.  So have I instructed you, so let it be.
   Will you let the environment of My word develop My image in you?”
I am forever,
Your Grace, Jesus

   “My Grace!  OK, I am sorry; only I am sorry I did not get this down well enough the first time around.  This is a biggy Lord.  I want to ask you….no, I want to beg you to crash through my thoughts every time I start detouring.  I will be quick to keep the wheels going forward.  I do not want you to ever get out again.  In fact.  I do not want to drive.  Oh, I guess that is what today is truly about, huh!  Would you be my Driver forever?  Amen.”

DAY 40
   Romans 15:13: Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost.

   “Well, My love, it is time to fall back on the anchor of your soul.  I can see you are discouraged.  I will show you how to let your hope work.
   First, I want you to tuck five little words into your heart and use them when you are discouraged.  Those words are: AND IT CAME TO PASS!
   Just a little humor here, to see if I can get you to smile.
   So many times, you just need to lighten up.  You can be for too serious.  However, I do want you to use these five words, simply because they ARE humorous.  You will be amazed how they will help during a difficult time.
   Secondly, recall some things we have been through together.  Experience turns into hope.
   Here is one!  Sugar, the misbehaving dog!  Ah yes, the children I gave you were 5, 7 and 9.  Their dog was a pesky little rascal and would not stay out of the neighbor’s garbage.  It had gotten so bad, the powers that be said,  “Sugar had to go if he ever got in it again”.  So, you grabbed up your children, stood in a circle, and asked Me to please keep Sugar out of the garbage.  How could I resist answering that prayer?  I could not!  How precious that scene was!  Afterwards, while you watched, Sugar went back to the garbage can over and over.  But now, he just bows his head into his front legs and backs away.  You often wondered if I had stationed an angel there to keep him out of it.  I did!
   I gave that angel a big “Atta-boy”. lol
   See, already your hope is rising.  Yes, I can take care of today’s situation too.  I am beautiful for every situation that comes your way.  
   Now, remind yourself of another answered prayer.”
I am forever,
Your Hope, Jesus

   “My hope!  I love you!  You are awesome.  I needed this today!  Thanks, AMEN!”

DAY 41 
Hebrews 1:13-1:  But to which of the angels said he at any time, Sit on my right hand, until I make thine enemies thy footstool?  Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation?

   “You read this scripture, My love, and you had your very typical hat on.  You asked; “Sir, when did the angels ever minister to me?”
   I will tell you about a couple of times.  I told you I could answer any question you ask!!!
   You were with your cherished sister, LaVerne.  You were traveling in the dead of winter over a mountain pass, covered with snow.  I sent you on this journey.  Your Aunt Ollie was dying, and she needed to hear of My saving grace.  The falling snow had changed from a flurry to an out-right blizzard.  Just in front of you, I stationed an angel.  He swept the road several feet ahead of you, over and over until you came out of the storm.  The storm was behind you and several feet ahead of you, but never directly in front of you.  You wondered if it was an angel.  It was!
   I rewarded him.  I let him watch videos after bedtime. lol
   You have heard it said that I will not send you where I cannot keep you.  You can count on it.
   But, that was not the first time the angels protected you.  You were only 9 years old the first time. The car was packed and it was time to go camping!  Your parents were always letting you kids go wandering around woody areas by yourself: this time was no exception.  Only, this time, they were unaware of a swift running river just a few hundred yards from the campsite.  Sure enough, you found it.  You were positive you could cross an old mossy log stretched across that wide torrent river.  So, you went bounding across it, slipped and realized you were falling towards the river. That is all you remember until you found yourself on the shore.  To this day, your mind is blank as to how you got there.  If I had allowed you to fall in, there was no way you could have saved yourself.  You have often wondered if it was an angel that set you on the shore.  It was!
   I bought him a big steak for dinner. lol”
I am forever,
Your Protector, Jesus

   “My Protector!  Your love is over the top!  Your Majesty, I exalt you!  Amen.”

DAY 42
1st Corinthians 4:12: And labor, working with our own hands: being reviled, we bless; being persecuted, we suffer it:

   “You still do not get it My beloved!!!
   There are those who want to see you fail.  They are dissatisfied with your behavior.  They do not like the way you say things, the way you walk, the clothes you wear, the things you do, or any other excuse they can find to cover up the real reason they want you to fail.  They are jealous of your walk with Me.  I know you have a hard time believing they are jealous.  It is true though; the greater understanding you get of My word, the closer our relationship becomes.  This exasperates them.  My presence can be tormenting.
   Much study makes you mad, they say!  Where have you heard this before?  These persecutors are like King Saul.  He represented those who oppress. He had to instill the fear of God in his subjects to maintain his kingdom.  However, his kingdom did not endure, and neither will theirs.  One day they will admit that I love you.
   Persecutors are out of season with your steps.  They cannot comprehend these things.
   If I would let them, they would shipwreck you.  Oh yes, Euroclydon winds from the persecutors are motivated by one thing.  They are afraid of the truth.  They cannot believe I am as capable as you say I am. They want to take My word from you.  But I have grafted it into your soul, and I will never let them take it.  So, let their winds blow.  Just do not join the storm.  Walk above and not beneath.  You are the head and not the tail.  I will cause you to triumph in everything.
   Shall I repeat Myself?  I told you that you could change your clothes every city block and someone would not like it.  You got it that day.  Recall those defining moments when persecution comes and remember, it is just deceptive tools.  Notice how they never challenge your understanding of My word: they just nitpick at something about you.  You will not be loved by all.  Do not expect it!  You cannot get in any person’s mind and make them see.  It is not your job to make them see; it is your job to share what I give you. 
   Understand also: I have 20/20 vision.  I see that you are not yet complete.  But I am a skillful carpenter.  I do not judge un-righteously as the naysayers do.  My judgment delivers you from the imperfections of your flesh, with grace. Examine your liberty when persecuted, forgive, bless and endure it.  I will deal with them.  I have begun a good work in you and the naysayers cannot complete it. 
   Get this!  Know, without doubt, you are my beloved!”
I am forever,
The Lover of your soul.

   “I know Lord, you have had to pound this into me.  It has been devastating to love someone, only to discover it is not returned.  The only comfort has been to realize this is exactly how You are treated too.  You forgive, I forgive also.  I hope you never have to mention this again.  Thank you for your patience.  Amen.”

DAY 43
Psalms 105:6: Praise ye the LORD.  O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good: for his mercy endures for ever.

   “You asked about the people with Moses when they said, “You speak to us Moses, and we will listen”.  But they did not want to speak to Me because they thought they would die!  You could not relate to that because we have always had such a good relationship. 
   I did not answer you right away and you just kept  bringing up the same thing over and over.  Why did the people want Saul for a king when they could have had You?  Why, why, why?
   OK, I will tell you why!
   They did not know I wanted only the best for them.  They did not see Me the way you do.  They thought I was a hard taskmaster.  They did not know I am a good King. They did not understand that I never look at the flesh the way they did. They did not know that I worked all things together for their good.
   When you saw that I was a good King, with only your best in mind, you ran to Me with your problems, your heartaches, and questions.  I have never once let you down.  I never will!
   Now do you see how dull of hearing they were?
I am forever,
Your King, Jesus

   “Oh, yes, My King.  You are sooo sooo good.  I am so sorry they did not recognize You.  It is Your goodness that has always causes me to repent.  I want to continue to live by faith, trusting You in everything.  I know You always work out everything for my good.  I am confident that I can talk to You about anything, and You won’t reject me.  I run into Your arms, knowing you will tenderly guide me into all truth.  I am so thankful.  Every single day your mercies are new, and You promised me they would be available for eternity.  I bow My heart to Your Kingship and will forever praise You for your ever-loving kindness.   Amen.”

DAY 44
Revelation 3:1a: I counsel thee to buy of me gold, tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich.

   “My will must not be mixed with your will, My beloved.  My ways must not be mixed with your ways.  My vision must be your vision.  My purpose must be your purpose.  To participate in My will, My ways, My vision, and My purpose is costly.  The cost is to know Me as a refiner’s fire.  Yes, I am an Eternal Miner.  Oh, I understand that you did not expect Me to show up with a pick and shovel, and to some I don’t.  Some will not receive My counsel to buy gold tried in the fire.  They will never be rich in My understanding and character.
   My consuming fire will burn out all that is contrary to our ultimate union.  I have told you before, My saving grace is not about dying and going to heaven.  It is about becoming one with Me, perfected in My love.  All SELF-hood must be consumed by My refining fire.  I died to the last vestige of My own will, and I will work this same way in you, if you will receive My guidance!  Remember, I was with the 3 Hebrew children in the furnace, and they did not burn.  You will not burn either.  I promise you, it will be worth it.
   You cannot be placed in a position of reigning with Me, if you do not go through this fiery ordeal.  Without this inner process, you will never manifest My character, nor have My perfecting power.  I already know what is in you, but the refining fire will expose you to yourself.  I will purify and cleanse all that is alien and opposed to My character, until all that is left within you, will bless My Kingdom.
   You will find no condemnation in Me. There will be a continual drawing upward into becoming a part of declaring My generation.  My generation will not be an inferior quality of Myself.  I shall see Myself in My generation.  It will be a mirror-cle! 
   The gold?  It is the fullness of Me; so be it.  
   Do you want to be conformed to My image?”
I am forever,
Your Refiner

   “To be in Your likeness My Refiner, is such  a holy thought.   Consume Me Lord. Amen.”

DAY 45
Philippians 3:9″ And be found in him, not having mine own righteousness, which is of the law, but that which is through the faith of Christ, the righteousness which is of God by faith.

   “It was a glorious day.  It was so typical of you; you shouted for joy.  I had just given you the meaning of righteousness, a position of right standing with Me, forever.
   You already understood that, by faith, you had received My righteousness when you accepted Me as your Savior, but then you heard a preacher say: he that doeth righteousness is righteous; albeit true, it confused you.  You tried to measure up again.  It got kind of laborious didn’t it?  Back and forth it went in your mind because the preacher did not explain it right.  Trying and trying to be righteous, to do it all right to win My favor, or to be blessed, will never please Me.
   But, oh, the day you got free of that misunderstanding!  I was shouting for joy too.  You saw it!  You understood you were made righteous by faith, but now, for the first time you saw that doing right in My sight came from My righteousness within you.  When you thought you could do right yourself, you slipped back into a works-oriented gospel that is not of faith, which is not good news.  You are blessed with My righteousness, so you become obedient because it is the desire of your heart.  Being obedient to get blessed does not work.  You are blessed with My righteousness. You cannot DO anything righteous without My righteousness within you.  Man is capable of doing good works, but good works born of the flesh, is not righteousness.  Those works will never cause you to be free.
   My word, alive in You, is forever settled; You are righteous because I am righteous.
   Aren’t you glad”?!
I am forever,
Your Righteousness, Jesus

   “My Righteousness!  What a lesson that was.  I suppose you noticed the publican I ran into right after You gave that to me.  I was just so full of joy over your sacrifice… again!  So, just like any child, when that publican asked me how I was, I excitedly said, “I’m righteous”.
   Boy, you would have thought I was a leper.  He could not get away from me fast enough.  But first he made it clear… you are NOT righteous.  Oops, he did not get it.
   I told my pastor what happened, and the next Sunday he taught on righteousness, and he asked everyone to turn to the person sitting on your left and say, “I’m righteous”!   I just smiled, forgave the publican, and did not let him steal the word You spoke to My heart.
   Thank you for a very kind gesture on that memorable Sunday Lord. Amen.”

DAY 46
Romans 6:14:  For sin shall not have dominion over you: for ye are not under the law, but under grace.

   “Questions again? OK, let’s go!
   I see! Now you want to know about Paul and Hezekiah.  Wow, you are digging deep, aren’t you!  I know you are puzzled.  You want to know how come they could not be the Messiah since they kept the law of Moses.  I know, so many think I kept the law and that qualified Me as a spotless lamb.
   Paul said concerning the law, he was blameless, and it is written of Hezekiah that he turned to the Lord with all his heart, and with all his soul, and with all his might, according to ALL the law of Moses.  You missed another one, Josiah.  He was as obedient as Hezekiah and Paul.
   The law made no one righteous.  It bore only the fruits of SELF-efforts when it was kept.  SELF-works only bring forth death.  To understand what perfected Me to be the Messiah was not following the law.
   Here is a question for you:  What was Adam’s sin?
   What?  Oh, you think it was disobedience.  No, that is what most people think. His disobedience and ultimate physical death was the fruit of his sin.  What happened before he disobeyed?  Come on now…. this is not difficult.  It is simple. Your complex mind just gets in the way.  The answer to this gets to the heart of the matter.
   Yes, you got it.  Adam did not believe Me.  His first sin was unbelief. I am the only one who never yielded to unbelief.  I always did what I saw My Father doing.
   Today, it is the same sin of unbelief that keeps people under the religion of self-works.  Hezekiah and Paul were not examples of sinless-ness.  Those in the hall of faith are not either.  Abraham believed I was coming.  That faith was credited to his account.  However, many times he did not believe, which caused him to disobey.  Therefore, he too, was not without sin.  Nevertheless, his faith was credited to his account.
   It has always been about faith.  Faith in the work of the cross, faith in My word, spoken or written, faith in My resurrection.  It has always been about believing Him who is invisible!  You can read the law of Moses and go do it.  That takes no faith.  Faith is in the unseen.  The law is holy and spiritual, but it takes no faith to apply it to your life.  Read this, do that!  This is all about self-effort.  Faith is a reality of things not seen.  Believe when you do NOT see with the natural eye.  Hear with the ear in the middle of your h-ear-t; then you can understand and become obedient.  This is living by faith.  Without faith, it is impossible to please God.
   KEEPING THE LAW!!!  This is NOT a requirement to walk with Me.  The law was only a schoolmaster to lead Israel to Me.  Then, when I came, most of them proved they had not paid attention in class.  You were not led to me by the law (self-works) – therefore, it is called the law of sin and death, even though it is holy). You were led to receive Me by My Holy Spirit, under an entirely different covenant.  No one comes except My Spirit draws them. 
   Were you led by My Spirit or are you trying to climb up another way?”
I am forever,
Lord of your faith, Jesus

   “I am so thankful for your faith, Jesus.  You have established the truth.  I see this more clearly now.  I understand the scripture that says without faith it is impossible to please Him and also that I must believe that He is.  I desire no other way~
   You lived the sinless life.  You believed!  Not only did you believe, but now I can rest in Your faith.   Your word says, I live by the faith OF the Son of God.  My faltering lips have no words to express my gratitude.  Thank you is such a pitiful expression in moments like these that cause me to rest.  Amen!”

DAY 47
Matthew 6:31: For where your treasure is, there will be your heart also.

   “Your heart is heavy again, My beloved.  It is because there is a treasure in your heart, where I should be.  It is someone I gave you.  Oh, I know you thought if I gave you someone, they were yours forever.  You have been diligent in letting go of the things of this world that were between us, but now I want the people in this world whom I gave you.
   Let us start with your family.  Did you ever notice how your children can change your mood so quickly?  Every time they run into trouble, you run into it with them.  Their problem becomes your care.  You cannot help them when you do that because then you cannot hear Me.  When you pick up the care, you cannot pray in faith.  Care always does that!  It chokes the life out of your situation.  Capture your thoughts and feelings, and feast on My Presence.
   I want your children today.  I will deal with you more severely if you keep them.  Give them to me, and never take them back.  Give them My word; never hold back the truth they need.  Oh, I have seen you do that.  You are so invested in their feelings, you get into fear of hurting them, or you are afraid they will turn on you.  That is flesh!  Stop that!  Cast that fear on Me; it is simply another form of care over them.
   You can trust Me with your children.  Let Go!
   The same thing is true of other family members.  I gave you a great gift when I placed you among a large family.
   There are other treasures in another room that I want also, but this is enough for today.  I will deal with the other things tomorrow.
   It is time for you to pause and think about this.  Selah! 
   Will you trust Me with those you love?”
I am forever,
Your Treasure, Jesus

   “My Treasure!  This is huge.  I have so much trouble with my emotions on this one.  I need You to teach me about emotions.  Help me overcome Lord.  OK, I am ready.  I place my children in your loving hands Lord.  Oh, this is tugging at my heart.  Sorry!… I need a tissue… Again, I place my children in your loving hands Lord.  I cast the care of my children on you Jesus.  I free them from my own anxiety.  You have been so faithful to me.  I know you will be faithful to them.
   My siblings… I trust you to work everything out in my relationships with my family members.  Forgive me.  I am so thankful for the good times and the good relationships, even though it has not always been pleasing to you.  I appeal to Your loving Spirit to complete the work You began in each of us.  I ask for a harbor of rest for them.  I place each one on the altar of your kind and gracious love.
   I know you did not mention my husband because I gave him back to you years ago, and never regretted it.  So, today, I just want to give thanks to You; what a great job You have done with him.  I am ever grateful.  You have already proven how much better it is when we let go.  Amen”.

DAY 48
Matthew 6:31: For where your treasure is, there will be your heart also.

   “OK, we started this yesterday.  Already, you know the load has gotten lighter, hasn’t it!  We dealt with letting go of relatives, now let’s talk about THINGS.
   There are certain things you want to hang onto that I gave you.  I want you to let go of them when I say move on, come up hither.  Time and money given to any ministry are good examples.  I want you to discern the times and seasons of these moments.  This is not about giving someone back to Me; this is letting go, by letting a thing die to you, and keeping your focus on our union.  Things can become great treasures that capture your heart and interfere with our relationship.  I want your whole heart.
   It is hard to let die, that which you cherish!  This is especially true if the ministry I want you to lay down is something you were personally called to administrate. You thought because I called you and helped you with it, it would last at least as long as you were alive.  It is really quite the opposite.  I have left so many ministries that are not even aware that I am no longer there.  They have a form of will worship and have slipped into building for God.  They lost so much, because they could not lay it down when I said “come up hither”.  They thought it was the enemy.  They never got a hold of the reality that I was more interested in building them, than what they were building for Me.
   I am the husbandman, and you must learn to yield to My husbandry.  When I want to pull up a crop, let Me!
   It is one thing to let go of all the sin you brought to the cross, but when you sacrifice by bringing those which I gave you, or something I led you to do, to the altar, it is quite another. You think you can at least keep the God-stuff, but it does not work that way.  I plant, and I pluck up!
   I am building a different edifice.  It is a new man.  One in whom there will be nothing left but My image.
   Just let go, let Me, and move on!  I want your ministry, your knowledge, your prayer life, your worship, your giving, your time, your church, all that you think I would never ask of you.
   Can you let go of all things for Me?”
I am forever,
Your ALL, Jesus

   “My ALL!  I must ask myself.  What do I have a hold of that I could not walk away from if you told me to?  Hmmmm.  Today, I think I will lay all this out before You and try to listen.  Open my ears Lord that I can hear what Your Spirit is saying.  This is my whole life we are talking about here today, isn’t it!  It is a serious moment.  So, I try to take hold of things and keep them where You cannot touch them!  Hmmmm, I do not like the religious tone of that.
   I have a feeling You are going to be working on me in this for a while.  I do not want to ignore You, but I know I will try.  Break through Lord, because I do want to let go.  It is just…. it is just… hmmmmm.  This is not a onetime thing is it Lord? Amen”.

DAY 49
Colossians1:15-16: The Son is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation.

   “I know this has confused you, My beloved.  Let me explain it. Our heavenly Father has  a God nature.  This makes Him the Source of ALL things.  As the Source, there is a holiness within Him that has to do with immortality.  It is the glory that I, Jesus, as God’s Son, left behind when God’s Word was made flesh.  This holiness is why our Father cannot sin, and therefore He cannot die. He has no power in His nature that would allow Him to sin or die.  Nature used in this context is a noun, not a verb.  It has nothing to do with actions. Simply put: “I AM”
   You get so wound up about these things.  Just take a deep breath, My beloved.  I am glad you want to understand; let’s just take it at My pace.
   OK now, Father (Source) cannot die.  He is immortal which means He is incorruptible. I am immortal now, but I emptied Myself of this glory when I came to earth and took upon Myself a HUMAN nature.  This is why I could die.  Therefore, I could be tempted.  Therefore, I could have sinned, had to sleep, got thirsty, and all the other limitations of the human experience.  I had to hear and believe My Father every step of the way. My faith pleased Him.
   The human nature is that which makes you distinctly human.  Within a human nature is rationality and fallibility.  Fallibility because there is a moral capacity built within humans.  Strictly defined, a human nature is one in which there is an ability to reason and make a moral choice. 
   Here-in is your problem: You get nature and character all mixed up.  Often times, you substitute the word character when it should be nature and visa-versa.  Character denotes the pattern of behavior of a human being. 
   Within a human, I placed the ability to choose life or death.  Nature itself is not a choice; nature just is!  Human nature is NOT sin.  Humans make choices to sin or not sin.  Their choices are a part of their character, not their nature.  Sin is a verb.  It is an action!  Sin is a result of not believing.  Therefore children who die, live in King’s palaces.  Why would I allow a sin nature –  baby into My presence?  I answered this question because you asked.  If only My people would ask Me, I would tell them many things, even as you have discovered.
   Animals have a BEASTLY nature.  Animals act mostly upon instinct.  They are sensual, relying upon what is naturally within them, and around them. See, touch, feel, taste, and hear!  Some are wild and some are tame. They do not think in terms of sin.  But they were affected by sin; born of flesh, and will continue to die, until the time of the Restitution of ALL things. 
   I had to go away; to return to the glory of the Father, so you could become one Sspirit with Me.  If I had not gone away, you would never have been able to come to where I am.  Holiness, as an action, can take place when one becomes one Spirit with Me.  We will discuss this kind of holiness on another day.
   Now can you see; the human nature of man has nothing to do with his actions.  His humanness, merely gives him the reasoning ability to choose his actions.
   See how clear things become when subjected to the Light!?
   I see the next question you have coming up!  You want to know why so many think I created Adam immortal.  We will have to leave that for another day.
I am forever,
Your Holy One, Jesus

   “My Holy One!  You explain things so simply.  I can see now, that Adam’s story is our story!  You rightly divide words that causes everything to make sense.  You challenge my thinking like no other. You are just perfect for me!!! Amen.”

DAY 50
Proverbs 24:10: If thou faint in the day of adversity, your strength is small”.

   “You are sure quiet today, My love.  You appear to have given up.  You are depressed and frustrated.  It is only because you are not seeing Me for who I am.
   You have followed so many rabbit trails, thinking they were the answer.  You have completed all the God courses, expecting them to produce results, attended church services whenever the doors were open, read all the right books, and applied all the “how to become” teachings.  You served unceasingly, visiting, praying, teaching, cooking, and whatever else was asked of you.  Yet, here you are today…. a speed bump has wiped you out.  You expected others to be empathetic, but all you got was pointing fingers.
   You fainted!  None of it satisfied, did it!  You just kept going around the same mountains, over and over.  But it was important to arrive at this fainting address in our travels.  You would never really know this without arriving here.  Your brother, my servant Job, was on this same street, and I will help you the same way I helped him.  You need not fret, My love.  I have the answer to fainting.  It is in the book.  I asked My servant, Isaiah, to make a note of it so you could get your strength back today.  You see, I looked down through the portals of time, and saw you sitting quietly here.  I just knew Isaiah was the perfect one to pen My words of encouragement for your present situation.  See how much I love you!  I know your uprising and your down sitting.  I know what you have need of before you ask.  I want you to ask though.  I love our conversations.
   Isaiah took the words right out of My mouth when he penned, I give power to the faint.  Yes, I have a remedy for everything.  Today, I come as Your power.
   Now, sit quietly no longer.  Talk to Me.”
I am forever,
Your Power

   “My Power!  What a revelation!  Even when I am dead in my tracks, you come through with power to raise the dead.
   I remember another time you tried to tell me this, and I did not really get it like I did this time.  You sent along a believer to help me.  I was complaining to her that I just could not serve You anymore because every time I tried, I just got beat up.  I told her I felt like I had a Paul’s thorn.  I could scarcely believe what came out of her mouth.  She said, “well then, you are going to have to do what Paul did, aren’t you”! 
   My friend certainly had my attention!  I replied, “well, what did Paul do”?  She said, “HE GOT RID OF IT.  That hit me right where it needed to. Over the head!  It broke through my religious thinking, and smashed another one of those high minded, traditional teachings that keep people from knowing You as their Power.
   She also reminded me of Psalms 34:41 I sought the Lord and he heard me and delivered me from ALL my fears. 
   I mean, you have given us so many promises of Your Power, Lord.  Your word stands alone as a rock unto my soul.  Thank you for Your word. Amen.”

DAY 51
Joshua 1:2a: Moses my servant is dead; now therefore arise, go over this Jordan.

   “You thought crossing the Jordan was just an Old Testament story, didn’t you!  Truly, I say unto you My beloved, all the people, and all the stories are examples for you.  They all point to a spiritual experience in your life for today.
   It is time to pack your bags for the third major change I told you would take place if you followed on to know Me.  Moses (a type of the law) is dead; all the doing for favor, is over.  You have gone through the wilderness therefore, the time has come to grow up and enter into the promise of complete union with Me.  Come up hither!
   Remember, just beyond Jordan was the promised land.  It was a land of milk and honey, but what else was dwelling in the land?  Yes!  Giants who had to be faced and overcome.
   I know!  You were taught the promised land was the heaven you go to when you leave this world.  Really?  Do you think Giants live there?  I have told you before, this life is not about dying and going to heaven. It is about learning to know Me.  Pause, and think about that!
   OK, come along now.  You are ready to hear the truth on this.  I have fully persuaded you not to lean unto your own understanding.  You have experienced that I am quite capable of keeping you where I take you; that you are My mansion, and I will never leave you nor forsake you.  I have opened your eyes to dwelling with Me.  You never knew this realm of Spirit existed.  You will discover contentment, satisfaction, and a love that is greater than you thought possible.  Laying down what you thought was true, and letting Me write on the tablet of your heart has been enlightening, but where we are traveling to now, only adults can come.  Children cannot fight giants!
   Will you come?  I will teach you about feelings.  I promise you, it will be worth it.”
I am forever,
Your Driver, Jesus

   “My Driver!  I can see that no one but You could open my eyes to this part of Your Spirit.  I have no choice, not really.  For where could I go?  You are the One who has eternal life.  I have already decided to follow You wherever You go.  The winds of adversity, as well as encouragement, have come and gone.  The journey has been trying, but I agree with You, it is worth it.  Today, I say yes Lord, yes Lord.  Have your way and take me across the Jordan.  More of You and less of me.  This is just the way it is going to be. Your love is intoxicating, better than wine.  Drive on!  Amen.”

DAY 52
Galatians 5:17a: For the flesh lusts against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh: and these are contrary the one to the other.

   “OK, you are now ready My friend.  We cannot travel on without more instruction.  It is time to understand what to do with your feelings.  Feelings originate in the flesh or in the Spirit.  I know you were taught that the soul is the mind, will, and emotions (feelings), but what you were not taught was that the emotions or feelings do not begin in the mind.  Your mind simply receives the feelings and makes choices concerning them.  Oh, you feel it in your soul, but it does not originate in the mind or will.
   Think of it like this: Your mind is like a connector between two pipes.  The source of the water in the pipe can come from either end, but not from the pipe itself.  The mind is just the connector between the Spirit and the flesh. It is a receiver. 
   Your flesh is not who you are, so choose wisely, and do not yield to the “feelings of the flesh”.  Feelings that are contrary to My word are never born of My Spirit.  They are born of the flesh.  They war against My Spirit.  They do not beget life.
    I have feelings.  Feelings born of My Spirit, bring life.  Choose to yield to the feelings that originate from My Spirit; I am their Source.  The feelings born of My love are born of strength and will produce good fruit.  I am merciful, I weep, I groan, I am joyful, I get angry, and have compassion.  Yes, I have all these emotions, and more.   
   Pay attention, the light is bright enough now for you to see the giants that affect your flesh.  We will subdue what is not born of My Spirit, and we will conquer everything that is contrary to My word.  I want to see you face to face.  I want you to be like Me.  I want you to be so identified with Me, that your interests are paramount with mine.
Will you choose to follow the Spirit or the flesh?”
I am forever,
Your Choice, Jesus

   “My Choice!  Well that sure simplified a tough subject.  Now, I will be able to see clearly enough to make a quality choice.  You make this so simple.  It is this complex mind of mine that gets in the way. 
   I just had to peek at how science might view this.  I know science is always changing, so please do not rebuke me on this one; I promise; I do not hold what science says above Your word.
   When I researched this,  I was pleasantly surprised.  Science agrees with You.
  Here is what science had to say; Emotion is believed to be generated from a physical source and the part of the brain responsible for the limbic system, which is made up of several structures located in the cerebral cortex.  These structures register the levels of chemicals – called neurotransmitters – being manufactured by the body in response to certain conditions the person is experiencing.  To give an example, a much greater level of serotonin than normal is produced when a person is in love, eating chocolate, or taking ecstasy.  The brain registers this increased level, and the result is a feeling we associate with happiness.
   Again, when I researched this, I knew it made perfect sense as far as the body is concerned,  because the same thing is true of alcohol; many times, someone drinks alcohol to feel better.  That feeling begins in the flesh and is received in the mind.  When the Spirit ministers, it is received by the same mind, but from a Source that brings life.
   Choices; it truly is about choices.  You have told us to receive life….So, I will!  Thank you for Your word.  There is nothing, absolutely nothing, like Your word.  Amen”.

DAY 53
Deuteronomy 24:11: And ye went over Jordan and came unto Jericho: and the men of Jericho fought against you, the Amorites, and the Perizzites, and the Canaanites, and the Hittites, and the Girgashites, the Hivites, and the Jebusites, and I delivered them into your hand.

   “This should encourage you My friend.  Even though all these giants are ahead of us, My word demonstrates that I am well able to conquer them.  Remember what I taught you.  All of these people and stories point to spiritual realities in your experience with Me.  My words are Spirit, and they are Life.  The ITES are the giants or kings that affect your flesh; we have yet to overcome them.  Some of these you thought were conquered, but they were only hiding after one brief skirmish.  I told you I would not drive them out in one year, but little by little I would drive them out until you could mature and come into full union with Me. (Ex. 23:29-30).
   Now, the light on the rest of the journey, is bright enough to expose the ITES for the giants they really are.  Now, you are committed enough to our relationship that you WANT Me to deal with them.  Now, you are mature enough to use the liberating edge of My s-word!  Now you can see that each time I told you to pack your bags, to come up hither, I increased the light.
   The light is bright enough, and you are yielded!  Every enemy within will be destroyed by My brightness.  I come repeatedly to draw you to completeness.  I am the perfecter of faith!
   Remember, we are more than conquerors!”
I am forever,
Your Reality

   “My Reality!  Your light is brighter than I ever knew.  Repentance is deeper than I have ever experienced.  Your grace reaches higher than seemed possible.  Your love is Supreme.  I can see this is the season of the battle of all battles.  Great and terrible is this day!  I can understand why only two came back with a voice of victory when they scoped out this territory. 
   I see something more clearly now.  Unless I can face Your light, I cannot see deeply enough to overcome the giants.  It is all about focus here, isn’t it?  Your viewpoint!  It is strictly by focusing on You that the giants are defeated.  I will give them no place.  Giving me this kind of authority over my own mind is the utmost in grace.  Bowing my soul to Your Spirit in all things…yes, I want to be a part of that overcoming company, to see You face to face.  So, let the Light shine.  Terrible, but liberating!
   Thank you for your Grace, My King.  I humbly come under Your hand of Might and confess that You and You alone are the One worthy to receive glory, honor and praise.  Be exalted Your Majesty. Amen.”

DAY 54
Song of Solomon 1:2b: The king has brought me into His chambers.

   “I was blessed by your response to My correction yesterday My beloved.  Oh yes, you can bless Me at all times.  I am  passionate about expressing My love by saying, your repentance is acknowledged, and deeply felt.  I went through that with you, you know!  My banner over you is love!
   Rise up, my love, my fair one and come away with Me.  The time of singing has come.  You have ravished My heart; how beautiful you are.  Let us feast together in the gladness of one heart now.  How much better is our love than wine; it is a well of living waters.  My right hand embraces you, and I set a seal upon your heart.  Nothing can quench My love for you.  Come away with Me, and let us rejoice together.
   What do you have to say, dear one?”
I am forever,
Your King, Jesus

   “My King, oh my King.  I will come away with You.  Tell me, You whom my soul loveth; shall we stir up our love in sweet communion of heart today? Oh yes, I see we shall.  I am sick with love for You. You have awakened my heart to your every desire, for sweet is Your voice.  My beloved, You are mine and I am Yours.  You are finer than the finest gold, more to be desired than the sweetness of the honeycomb; Your love surpasses anything I could ever know.  Oh yes, I will come away with You.  Amen”.

DAY 55
John 1:12: But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name.

Isaiah 53:5: He was taken from prison and from judgment: and who shalt declare his generation?  for he was cut off out of the land of the living: for the transgression of my people was he stricken.

   “I have prayed for you, My friend; that we may be perfected as one.  I have placed this hope within you, the hope of glory. I want to  complete you down to the last detail of what I have designed you to be.  I want to spell out  My character in full, in you.  I want to display My Life in you.  There is such great purpose in becoming one heart in Spirit and soul. When you understand fully, you will be able to comprehend why the flesh wars so vehemently against you.  My joy will be completed in you.
   Maturity in this oneness, will give evidence to your soul, that I will be all in all.  This is My work; I am the Driver.  My Love will prevail.
   Believe, just believe!”
I am forever,
Your Intercessor     

   “My Intercessor!  I am so at rest.  My  faith increased when I began to understand this.  The vision is momentous, but I have such great confidence in knowing You prayed this for me.  I know without a doubt, Jesus, Your prayers get answered. 
  I also know your word says that You gave us the power to become the sons of God, and although we are sons, it does not yet appear what we shall be. I understand that to mean that this perfection within has not yet manifested; that we still wait in hope. Is that right?
   OK then, by what You are telling me today, You want to reveal Yourself in a people to the world.  I am powerless to perform this for myself; I have no moral muscle of my own, so let me say this: I see why You are driving.  I am grateful you asked me to be a passenger. 
   I understand now, why the battle is so intense.  Your desire is my desire.  I want to be in that overcoming army of sons, to experience Your Life on Your terms, to declare your generation.  I am joyfully expecting, pregnant with hope. There are glorious times ahead.  Have Your way Lord. Amen”.

DAY 56
Psalms 18:32-33: It is God that girdeth me with strength and maketh my way perfect.  He maketh my feet like hinds feet and setteth me upon my high places.

   “Let me say it another way My friend: I have made it possible for you to rise above the circumstance in this world quickly and securely, like a female deer, swift and  agile.  Oh yes, out of the lowlands of the flesh, to the higher realm of the spirit, you have risen in my My strength.
   You secured victory after victory, until the shout of the Israelites was heard in you and the Jerico wall fell again.
   You walk in the New Covenant as you possess the promised land today, a full union with Me.  You have a rock-solid guarantee, an unquenchable spiritual lifeline, that reaches right into the Spiritual Presence where I have taken up a permanent post to see to it that you do not fail. 
   Do you understand?  You will not fail!”
I am forever,
Your Hinds Feet, Jesus

   “My Deer!  How beautiful a picture You paint!  You have the most Majestic and Graceful ability to cause my heart to want to emulate you.  As the deer panteth for the water, so my soul follows after You.  I thank You for the sure-footedness You have provided.  I needed it today and there You are,  Incredible, just incredible.  Amen”.

DAY 57

Habakkuk 2:3: For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.

   “There is a Divine appointment.  There is a glorious liberty for all of creation, My friend.  I am waiting for it too; joyfully expecting.  I am about to bust My buttons.  There are others who have passed from the earth that are waiting with Me.  It will happen.  The hour is nigh at hand, but though it tarry, wait for it.  In all the earth, and before all nations, My name shall be exalted through perfected sons.  You can count on it.  It is My Father’s will.
   You have always been a busy person.  I watched you.  You would take on a task, and it always had to be done yesterday.  So, when I tell you to wait, you do not know how to do that.  You can’t.  It is just like everything else.  I will live through you in this also.  I promise you, the wait will be worth it.”
I am forever,
Your Patience, Jesus

   “My Patience!  I thank you for this virtue, Lord.  You are right, I could have no patience without You.  I know Divine promises are always kept.  They do not come a day early or a day late.  You are always right on time.  You will recall when John and I were making a move to Arizona.  We had a house and a car for sale, and we did not want to leave Washington without selling both of them.  It came right down to the last two hours.  You sent a realtor by who sold our house and bought our car.  I will remind myself of this again and again while I wait with You.
   Thank You for happening right on time… Amen”.

Day 58
John 15:13: Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. 

   “My friend, I know you have noticed!  Our relationship has changed.  You are seasoned, and ready for all that I have for you.  Yes, we have become friends.  We share the same vision, our love abides, we empathize with the hungry and the lame, we love our enemies, and are joined for eternity.  I laid My life down for you, now yours is Mine.”
I am forever,
Your Friend, Jesus

   “I value your Presence my loving and kind friend.  It fulfills my soul’s deepest longing.  What God has joined together, let no man put asunder, takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to a one-ness in Sspirit and soul with You.  It is the mystery of the marriage again.  To the human mind it does not make sense, but I am beginning to understand that it is not a mystery we cannot comprehend.  Your encouragement today has provoked my thoughts.  Would you tell me more about the mystery of the marriage tomorrow?  I will listen and follow You wherever you may go.  I no longer have any boundaries in my heart.  It is Yours. Thank You for the gracious hand of friendship.  Amen”.  

DAY 59
Ephesians 5:31-32: For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall be joined unto his wife, and they two shall be one fleshThis is a great mystery, but I speak concerning Christ and the church.

   “This is so typical of you, My beloved.  I say something and you have a gazillion questions.  I have mentioned this before, but it needs to sink in.  OK, let’s tackle this.
   All things were created through Me.  Humanity was created in the image of God, male and female, in one.  I called him Adam.  His physical body was formed from the dust as a man, but within him, I placed My male and female attributes with corresponding authority.  Then I reached within him, and from a rib made a female to demonstrate in the natural, both My male and female attributes. In the flesh, when I separated the male and female, they were each still a whole person with My male and female attributes, and still at one-ment with one another  They were 2 as one.  Marriage means to be at one with.  They wanted what each other wanted and thought how the other one thought.  In their human form, I gave them freedom to choose life.  They did not.  When they did not, immediately separation and competition ensued. 
   I am the last Adam.  There is no separation of the male and female attributes within Me, even as in the beginning, there was none with the first Adam.  I am male and female as one. So, within Me, I can procreate reproducing Myself within another.  I am able to give My life to others and not lose a thing.  On the earth, when someone gives a body part to someone else, that body part is gone forever. It now belongs to someone else.  I keep My Life when I give it away.  Now that I am in you, you can do the same thing.  Give Me to others, and you will not lose a thing.  This is because when I become your life, you grow into the same one-ness that I am.  I and My Father are one!  I have prayed that you will become one with us.  If you try to reason this with your human mind, you will still see two.  My body will be one, not two.  One in Me!  Not male OR female as in the natural, but spiritually, male and female attributes in one; My image.  That is the mystery! 
   Check this out as an example…
The image of God is Male – In Authority Male is King, Son and Groom    
The image of God is Female – In Authority Female is Priest, Servant and Bride. 
The image of God is Male – In Attributes Male is Judgment, Truth and Righteousness
The image of God is Female – In Attributes Female is Mercy, Grace and Peace  ETC.
   Remember, I am the only Power that can give My Life to another and remain whole.  You can do the same now: Give My Life to another!  It is a spiritual matter, not a natural matter. 
   Do you understand now why My word compares Christ and the church to marriage?”
I am forever,
Your At-one-ment, Jesus

   “My, my, my!  This is now just a little clearer than mud.  I must become simpler in my thinking here.  But I am beginning to see what you are wanting to convey to me.  It is worth repeating to me again sometime, until I get it deep within me.  It is like that deep calling to deep thing.  I know it is simple, and You know I am gonna bug You until I fully understand it.
   Thank you Jesus, I am not trying to be difficult.  I just want to understand this completely, to have my mind as Yours on it.  So we can be at-one-ment in this. Is that what You mean? Amen.”

DAY 60
John 6:63: It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life.

   “Another change has come My friend!  I have waited a long time to reach this place with you.  Up to this point I opened some of My word to you, giving you some spiritual insight.  It thrilled you to realize that Noah’s ark was a picture of salvation; that many of the Psalms were a picture of Me, even though some were David’s experience; that the Passover is a type of your salvation experience; that I am the bread of life; that Egypt is a type of the world or flesh; and a few other scriptures I opened up to you as well.  I gave you just a taste of Spiritual insight into My word.
   But now, I have taken the cover off, and you are beginning to see the spiritual meaning of all things written.  My word is SPIRIT.  Now, when you peer into My word, inspired by My Spirit, you are seeing that the natural creation points to the Godhead, to that which is spiritual.  Has not your heart burned and burned within you as this became reality during your studies?  Is it not awe-inspiring!!!  My word is LIFE.  Have I not added much to your stature since you came up hither and began to see from My viewpoint instead of your point of view?
  My word is God-breathed!  It speaks of true reality; that which is Spirit.  For My world IS Spirit, always pointing to Jesus.  Count it not strange that I therefore speak the language of My world.  Let it be done in earth as it is in heaven!
   Look at that which cannot be seen with the fleshly eyes.  Look at that which can only be seen with the inward eye of your spirit.
   Pause and think about this.”
I am forever,
Your True Reality, Jesus 

   “My True Reality!  Yes, I have been very aware of the change You made, and the growth it has brought.  Yes, It is exhilarating!  Your word is alive; it is not a dead letter communicating natural, temporal things.  The dead letter is the law.  It cannot produce life.  I know you chuckled the day I heard someone say Your word was a dead letter, because You knew I knew better.  You had already told me it was alive when we were studying Hebrews 4:12 together: For the word of God is living and active and sharper than any two-edged sword, and piercing as far as the division of soul and spirit, of both joints and marrow, and able to judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart (NAS), so when You chuckled, I just smiled.  Thank you so much for teaching me that the small w for word is the written word and the capital W is used when it speaks of You! 
   I guess You saw what happened to my faith when You first opened up Hebrews 4:12!  OOOOO, I knew this was such a nugget of gold!  Zowie!  I must echo Peter and John; I am going to believe what You say and not man.  It makes me so full of joy.
   Oh, last night was earth shaking when that giant of massive height reared its’ ugly head.  We took the s-word of the Spirit and cut him down to size.  I looked at him and thought, is that what has had such a hold on me. He just could not get to me because  I was looking at You!  1 down, 6 to go!
   Recalling Day 53.  I praise You in all things. Amen”.

DAY 61
Job 5:19: He shall deliver thee in six troubles: yes, in seven there shall no evil touch thee.

   “It is time for rejoicing My friend.  What a victory over that first ITE we defeated last night! No more insecurity.  See what it is like when we move in unison!  No earth dweller can taste the sweetness of the spoils of this kind of war.  We are more than conquerors.
   The Ites in the promised land are vicious, but we have logged in thousands of miles in our journey together now, so you have come to the place where you understand that no evil can touch you as you keep your eyes fixed on Me.  You have My word on it!  What a day of rejoicing.  When you travel this road, we are on now, you will give no place to the devil in your mind or your mouth.
   You are even this day as a child that has been weaned from its mother.  There is nothing too high nor too difficult when we work together.  I am Your deliverer from henceforth and forevermore.
   What a day of rejoicing.  The angels sing Holy, Holy, Holy.
   Will you rejoice with Me”?
I am forever,
Your Deliverer, Jesus

   “My Deliverer!  Whoo!  Whoo!  What a difference being in this place from where I used to be!  There was a skirmish with this giant years ago, but you are right.  I did not overcome it then, and when it was over, I was wiped out.
   Remember!  I was sitting in a gathering of believers, and I could tell there was something wrong with the lady evangelist.  She looked at me, and I could feel this dark presence trying to engulf me.  She began to prophesy in this high piggy-like squeal of a voice.  She said, “I see all your lies-a, I see all your goings on in the middle of the night-a!   Then she points at me and says, “there, that’s for you honey and that’s love”.  I leaned over to a friend sitting next to me, and said, “if I didn’t know my righteousness in Christ right now, I would be dead.  I feel like I am in a war.  My friend reached over and touched me, and when she did, the darkness lifted.
   Lord, I am sure You understand, but I was unable to think.  I heard You though, in my spirit.  I heard you say (just like – in a flash), “Get your lipstick out, and put it on like you are the world’s biggest whore; that think inside of her is so jealous of you, it will expose itself.
   I could do nothing but obey You, as my mind was literally gone!  So, I obeyed.  That thing turned and looked at me again.  This time, it was controlling the lady evangelist, and her tongue came out of her mouth.  It was at least three inches wide and a foot long.  Her eyes were rolling, and her hands were on each side of her head gesturing towards me like I was an idiot.  Then she did exactly as You said she would; in front of the entire congregation, she spoke loudly, saying, “I’m a liar, I’m a deceiver, don’t you know that by now?  This is all just a funny game”.  Two men wrestled her to the ground and escorted her out.  Obviously, that gathering was over.
   I was left feeling drained and exhausted.  You did come through for me, even then.  But that liar was trying to destroy me through my own insecurity.
   I learned something very needful that day.  You told me that thing in her was jealous of me, but when she spoke, she called herself a liar and a deceiver.  Jealousy was obviously trying to hide.  What deception!  I can see way back then, how You were wanting me to see the jealousy thing, but it was beyond my comprehension that anyone could be jealous of me.  This liar wanted what I have with You, and I was so insecure, it found a way in and attacked me.
   When we conquered that insecurity last night, it was exhilarating, liberating, and could I say fun?  Well, who doesn’t like to see the enemy fall in his own pit?!!!  It certainly wasn’t exhausting.  I felt energized!  What a bull-dozing power.
   Let’s sing with the angels… Holy, Holy, Holy. ooooo, I love Your voice. Amen”.

DAY 62
Psalms 119:130: The entrance of thy words gives light; it gives understanding unto the simple.
Luke 1:78-79: Through the tender mercy of our God; whereby the dayspring from on high has visited us, TO SHINE UPON THOSE WHO SIT IN DARKNESS AND THE SHADOW OF DEATH,  To guide our feet into the way of peace.

   “I am so pleased that within your heart and life, faith has sprung forth into such absolute confidence in My word.  It has produced an abiding peace regardless of which way the wind blows.
   The shadow of death is for earth dwellers; the realm in which you walked until goodness and mercy became a pure reality to you.  I shined the light into that darkness, and you began to understand.  The entrance of My word brings forth light.  Light is understanding!  In all your getting, you have gotten understanding.  In like manner, darkness is ignorance.  The god (idol) of this world has blinded the minds of those which believe not.
   Remember, natural things point to something spiritual:  Does not the natural world display light and dark at the same time?  On one side of the world, it is daytime, and on the other side, it is night-time.  Two Kingdoms exist simultaneously also; the Kingdom of God, and the kingdom of darkness.
   Arise and shine My friend.  My word is working mightily in you.
   Do you want to walk in the fulness of My glory?  Pause and think about this!”
I am forever,
Your Understanding, Jesus

   “My Understanding!  Thy word have I hid in my heart, that I might not sin against You.  Oh, how I love thy word.  It is my meditation all the day long.  How sweet are Your words to my taste!  Sweeter than honey to my mouth.  I gain understanding from Your precepts; therefore, I hate every false way.  Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.  I desire all that You have for me Lord. Amen”.

DAY 63
Ephesians 3:16-18:  That he would grant you, according to the riches of his glory, to be strengthened with might by his Spirit in the inner man;  That Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith; that ye, being rooted and grounded in love, May be able to comprehend with all saints what is the breadth, and length, and depth, and height; And to know the love of Christ, which passes knowledge, that ye might be filled with all the fullness of God.
Philippians 1:7: Even as it is meet for me to think this of you all, because I have you in my heart; inasmuch as both in my bonds, and in the defense and confirmation of the gospel, ye all are partakers of my grace.

   “I remember fondly, the day you asked Me about Paul praying for  believers to comprehend My love.  You have a knack of asking Me all the right questions.  Over time, I answered that question, and you became passionate about defending My character.  You were determined.  You were never going to allow anyone in your presence to diminish Me in any way; you decided you would either speak up or walk away.
   I was so proud!  I said, “See Father, she will not put up with someone belittling Me.”  Oh yes, we had quite a conversation about you that day.
   Your brother Paul did some very similar things.  But, he understood the same thing I taught you; that I am not the impotent, destructive, God of vengeance seen in the minds of so many. You learned that My love is higher than the highest heaven, deeper than any hell-hole you can find yourself in, and the width and breadth is as far as the east is from the west; in other words, it is ALL encompassing.
   When I say it is My will in My word, My love will perform it.  It is the most powerful, life changing substance that exists.”
   Now, I want you to pray Paul’s prayer in Ephesians for others.  I love to answer it”
I am forever,
Your Love, Jesus

   “My love! I will always defend You, Lord; even as Paul put himself in defense of the gospel.  It is hurtful to hear you painted as a weak-kneed sap, losing to the devil on most counts.  I went through such frustration from the moment I said “yes” to You because there was no one to swaddle me.  Then when You taught me the truth, and I just continued to watch the same thing happening over and over to other young converts that I did determine never to let anyone speak that way of You again without either leaving or speaking the truth.  I am happy to know that was okay with You.  I just love You so much, and want others to know what a powerful, wonderful, and loving friend we have in You.
   I just cannot understand how anyone would even want to serve You if You were so impotent that You could not do what You came to do; save the world.
   Today, I walk in forgiveness towards the ignorance of those who say you lose over 90% of the population to the devil.  They do not know what they are saying.  I am so thankful for the assurance of your word, that one day they will see, and accept You for who You truly are.  Your will be done in earth as it is in heaven. Amen”.

DAY 64
Judges 15:16: And when he (Samson) came unto Lehi, the Philistines shouted against him: and the Spirit of the Lord came mightily upon him, and the cords that were upon him, and the cords that were upon his arms became as flax that was burnt with fire, and his bands loosed from off his hands.  And he found a new jawbone of an ass, and put forth his hand, and took it, and slew a thousand men therewith.  And Samson said, With the jawbone of an ass, heaps upon heaps, with the jaw of an ass have I slain a thousand men.

   “With the same power I gave Samson to defeat the Philistines, I will finish destroying the Ites that still trouble you, My friend!!!  Samson slew 1000, a number that indicates completeness.  Yes, I began this work in you and I will complete it.  Like a potter, I form My image in you, as you see Me.  Can you see why the giants work overtime to keep My true nature and character from being made known?  If they can get you to think I am less than Who I really am, they can keep you maimed, defeated and powerless.  But we will overcome.  You can count on it!  Just rest in that, and keep your eyes on Me.
   Will you consider this done?”
I am forever,
Your Completeness

   “My Completeness!  What a giant buster!  You are My Super-hero! 
   Your hand and my clay,
   Molded into what You say;
   Til You have me in that place,
   Where I can see You face to face,
   Glory, glory!  What a story!
   Omnipotent Lord.  Thou art worthy O lord, to receive glory, and honor, and power; for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created. 
   What you consider done, I consider done!  Now, let’s do it! Amen”.

DAY 65
Luke 8:18a: Take heed therefore HOW ye hear;

   “Let Me commend you, My friend!  Listening to hear truth, is how you have come to know Me thus far.  There are those who listen with a critical, defensive ear, trying to prove someone is in error.  Think not that they will receive anything good in that manner.
   There are those who are more concerned about WHO says it, than WHAT is said.  Likewise, think not that they should receive anything good in that manner.  It never matters to you who says it; you judge the words spoken or written.  This is wise.
   Still others want only to hear what they agree with.  Think not that they should grow beyond where they are in this manner.  You have always loved the challenge of a new thought.  You would weigh it against My word and allow Me to say yeah or nay, thereby letting Me plant and water and pluck up at My will.  I commend you for this.
   Did you realize HOW you listen is the measure for receiving My word”?
I am forever,
Your Gardener, Jesus

   “My Gardener!  I never thought about this, but I can see what you are saying.  HOW one listens is vital to what we receive. Knowing You is all that matters to me.  You have been so gracious to speak Your truths to me, not only through Your word, but through people, the radio, the PC, and many times through children.  Surprisingly, sometimes I even hear You in TV commercials.
   I do not care if truth comes through a donkey, let me have it!  It is basically the same thing for me when I discuss Your word with another believer.  The issue for me, is not who is right or wrong, but what is the truth! I will follow Your voice anywhere or any time.
   He who hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says. Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord.  Let all creation sing of Your glory.
   I am just so excited about You Lord.  You are doing great and mighty things.  I just want to be a little bitty part of it….
   Thank You for the encouragement. Amen”.

DAY 66
2nd Timothy 3:15-17: All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.

   “Look where you have come since we met!  I snatched you out of the snare of the fowler in the midst of a cult.  That religion did not believe the Bible was the only word that was God-breathed, written strictly from the mind of the Holy Spirit.  For sometime, I educated you while you looked at all the churches with different versions of the Bible.  Compared to where you came from, where everyone thought alike, now you were dealing with so many claiming the Bible was the only foundation for truth, and yet interpretations all varied, so few thought alike.  It seemed more like confusion to you than truth.
   Then you discovered the nugget that secured your belief in My word.  It is alive!  There are dimensions of My Spirit within it, so I speak to the reader on their level to meet their need, and to develop My image in each one.  Once you got a hold of this and began to read My word on a daily basis, your faith grew, because My word is the environment that feeds the very seed it sprouted within you. 
   Just like a pregnant woman whose baby grows in the womb; My people develop in stages.  This is why the word says BEING born-again.  It is a progression.  This is why people did not think alike, as you experienced in a cult environment.
   Study to show thyself approved, a workman of God, rightly dividing the word of truth.  It is the foundation for all growth.  There is no other.  It is not up for debate.
   As My servant, Joshua penned: Meditate the word of God day and night for here-in you will find success.
   Success is apprehending the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.  Paul, the one you know as the apostle Paul, constantly pressed forward for that very thing. Will you”?
I am forever,
Your Success, Jesus

   “My Success!  Oh, how well I remember.  It was so confusing.  Because I could not settle on going to church, I attended some Christian women functions.  I walked into this one gathering, and You spoke to me and said, “one day you will be President of this organization.”  I immediately rejected that. I did not believe the bible was the ONLY infallible word of God, and you had to believe that was true to even JOIN that organization, let alone be their President.  I cannot believe I was so brazen as to treat You as if You did not know what You were talking about.  I am sorry Lord. I am so thankful for the times when You just chuckled at some of the things I thought and did.  Your grace is so majestic.
   Needless to say, You were right.  Time went on, and I grew to understand what the Bible was about.  Today, I weigh it against everything that I see and hear.  History and facts pale in comparison to the living meaning of every word written.
   Memories of that which is good, I hold dear.  Whatever lies ahead on the road today, I embrace with excitement and thanksgiving. You have proven over and over that nothing compares to riding with You.  I press toward the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.
   May I express my heart-felt gratitude for Your loving patience that I have needed every day since we started this journey together. Amen’.

DAY 67
1st Corinthians 2:14: But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.
Matthew 13:34-35: All these things spake Jesus unto the multitude in parables; and without a parable spake he not unto them: That it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophet, saying I will open my mouth in parables; I will utter things which have been kept secret from the foundation of the world.

   “Today My friend, let us talk about parables.  I used natural things of this world to explain spiritual realities.  I spoke in parables to the crowds and explained them only to My disciples.  So, when you read My words, always examine who it is that I am addressing, and then you will understand what I am addressing, and whether it is a parable or not. Also, remember when I came on the scene, My focus was to bring understanding that a New Covenant was to replace the First Covenant; so, My parables were mostly centered on that theme. 
   Let’s just use the story of the rich man and Lazarus with the above in mind.  This story is a five-part discourse beginning in Luke 15.  Who am I speaking to?  Yes, the crowds, and as this five-part discourse progresses, I specifically point out that My disciples and the Pharisees are among the crowd.  So, you can conclude, it is a parable, even before you begin to interpret it.  The rich man represents the Jew, and Lazarus is a type of the Gentiles.  Now, with that in mind, study it thoroughly.  Always allow the scriptures themselves to interpret the types and shadows into spiritual reality.
   The natural man hears and does not hear, because he hears only the natural.  Seeing through My eyes, is the only way you can hear what the Spirit is saying.
   Can you hear what the Spirit is saying.
I am forever,
Your Interpreter, Jesus

   “My Interpreter!  It is the desire of my heart to hear You when you speak, and to understand what Your word says.  I will do what You asked.  I will study the story of the rich man and Lazarus. I will approach it with an open heart for You to show me the truth of its meaning.  Thank you for teaching me today.  Thank You for the insight into parables. Amen.”

DAY 68
John 17:4-5: I have glorified thee on the earth.  I have finished the work which thou gavest me to do.  And now O Father, glorify me with thine own self with the glory which I had with thee before the world was. 

   “You can see there are two glories mentioned in the scripture you just read; a glory I brought to the earth and a glory I had with My Father.  When I glorified My Father on the earth, it was a ministry within the confines of mortality.  But, the glory I have with Father now, is the very glory of His own Person; the glory of incorruption!  Yes, I had this glory before the world was, and now, having passed through death and into the resurrection, I possess it again.
   As a son of man, I did miracles and healing, but I never had the glory to minister incorruption.  Even those I raised from the dead, eventually died again.  I took upon Myself, the mortality of man, that I might taste temptation and death for all men; to release humanity from the penalty of sin.
   I prayed that for you, you know!  I prayed that you would also be with Me where I am now; that you may behold My glory.
   Would you like that?”
I am forever,
Your Immortality, Jesus

   “My Immortality!  Oh, it is beyond words how much I would like that!  Every ounce of craving in me is towards You, that I may behold You in all Your glory.  Let it happen with hearty approval! 
   Yesterday, I did as You asked; I studied the story of the rich man and Lazarus.  I spent 14 hours on it.  Zowie!  What a revelation!  Why has this gotten so mixed up in the minds of so many?  Oh yeah, one who does not seek a revelation, but just keeps repeating what he has heard someone else say, merely adds to a false narrative.  I remember!  You said it has to be heard by Your Spirit.  Ok, I am good with that! Amen.” 

DAY 69
Psalms 145:18: The LORD is nigh unto all them that call upon him, to all that call upon him in truth. 
1st Corinthians 15:14: And as we have borne the image of the earthy, we shall also bear the image of the heavenly.

   “Do you long to truly impact the earth realm, My friend?  Does your heart yearn for My word to come forth?
   Thy will be done in earth!  Truly, this is the prayer that changes things.  Pay close attention to the word in.  It is not, thy will be done ON earth, but IN earth.  You understand now, the earth I want to do My will in right now, is you.  My will done IN your earth, as well as others, will soon take care of the whole earth, within and without.
   Indeed, My will done in earth in the same completeness as is in heaven, will shake kingdoms, and every soul-ical/fleshly power of depraved humanity.  It will bring about a glorious transformation.
   Soulish zeal, and carnal efforts in prayer have no power to bring about this transformation.  Dedicated, purchased by fire believers, praying Thy will be done in earth, will yield a crop of sons; kings and priests of the Most High God; able to rule and reign in love!
   Again, I ask!  Do you want to be a part of what I am doing IN the earth today?”
I am forever,
Your King of kings

   “My King!  I remember another day when You told me to pay attention.  Then you said, there is no S on what you are reading.  I was reading the last book of the Bible, The Revelation.  That is when it dawned on me, The Revelation is about You.  It is one revelation: the revelation of You, to, in, and through us.  Wow!  It has nothing to do with the world, but who YOU ARE!  What a change that made.  I began to see it from Your viewpoint instead of my point of view.
   It amazes me HOW You teach.  Now it is two letters You are pointing out to me: in vs on. What a viewpoint You have!
   “My King!  Thy will be done IN my earth!  Complete me, Oh Most High! Amen”.

DAY 70
1st Corinthians 15:57: But thanks be to God, which gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. 
1st Corinthians 2:14 Now thanks be unto God, who made us after the pattern of Christ, and makes manifest the savior of his knowledge through us in every place.

   “You helped me secure the victory the day I uttered TETELESTAI… It is finished, the bill has been paid in full.  I paid the entire sin debt held against humanity.  I am not holding anyone’s sins against them.  Sadly, this gospel has not been understood, nor believed by most of those who name My name, My friend. 
   Measure up is still what the world sees and hears.  Until this changes, and those called by My name, love one another the way I love them, the world will never know that I was sent to them.
   My life within you develops from understanding to understanding, from experience to experience, from strength to strength, from hope to hope, and from glory to glory until the fulness of My Spirit can be manifested to the world.
   All of creation is waiting for the manifestation of the sons of whom I am dealing with now.  They have come up hither to hear what the Spirit is saying.  They have sold all they have and purchased the true riches.  They WILL declare My generation.
   All of creation looks forward to the day when it will join God’s sons in glorious freedom from death and decay in spirit, soul, and body.  I will finish the work in them soon, and the eager expectation of creation will be realized. 
   The energy of My reconciliation is the dynamo at the heart of everything! 
   This is your commission, should you choose to accept it.  Seek immortality, do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with Me!
   Do you want to walk in the fulness of My Spirit?”
I am forever, 
The Finisher of your faith.

   “My Finisher!  Sadly, must admit that there were times in my life that I held sin against others.  I only learned how You view sin after getting to know Your true nature and character.  Let my whole life be part of Your illuminating truth; Your glory revealing Victory.  I know Your abiding love will hold me each moment, and into eternity.  I say “Yes Lord, I say YES.



  1. #26
    Romans 8:1.. there is therefore NO condemnation to those who walk Not after the flesh,,, but after the Spirit.. goes perfectly with this,, and one of my favorites that helps in so many ways. Thank you for these. Thought providing they are.
    #9; MANNA
    Amazing!! Truth, Trust, Faith( knowing), Peace. Each a bite more of food for growing and learning to listen and Obey. Amazing,, isn’t it?
    Valinda Ramey

  2. Just the stuff that doesn’t get talked about in the Christian rap groups. Might break up the agenda or disturb the so-called peace. They might even sit there trying to impress everyone else how spiritual they are unless they are beating themselves up because they don’t measure up to the persecuted Christians in China. Yes, I have been in those groups but the Day 50 message expresses a lot of the real me. Chuck

  3. Unbelievable, Eye-Opening, Emotional Read.

    I stumbled upon this book in my house. I have always had a struggle with my faith in Christianity. It just so happened to be Christmas Day when I found this book I’m assuming my mom got for my little sister. It seemed like a coincidence it popped up being Jesus’s birthday and my curiosity wanting to know the subjects of discussion in this book. I have been going through some struggling times lately and dealing with suppressed emotions. I spent my Christmas alone as I did not travel with my family out of town. I read the first 7 chapters and found myself crying. This book had me questioning so much in just a few pages all while making me feel love. I felt comforted and understood, and had been answered some questions to bring me peace without being complete overwhelmed with more. I felt guided for the first time in a long time and am eager to finish it. I felt compelled to leave a review because I’m in shock at how well this book seems to be written for me. I wanted to see other reviews and when I read the little biography of the author, I was in disbelief again. The author LITERALLY LIVES IN THE SAME TOWN AS ME!!! I recommend this book to anyone needing to rekindle their faith.

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