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Hosea 6:3

About the Author – Bonnie Morris

Bonnie met Jesus in a somewhat dramatic way.  She was a member of the Mormon cult: (See Testimonial Page for Withdrawing from Mormonism). Circumstances happened that caused her to question what she believed, so she began to study using apologetics, asking God to reveal the truth, and why, what she had learned to believe, was not true. She left the cult, but continued to seek God’s truth at a local Christian church.

Over the years, Bonnie listened intently to the teachings of her church.  However, she continued to study using the same systematic arguments in defense of the truth, and found much of the teachings, to be less than satisfying.

Bonnie’s first responsibility in life was as a wife and mother. She, and her husband John, have 3 children, 10 grandchildren of their own, and several others they claim as their own, and 7 great grandchildren.

In 1972, God called Bonnie to teach His word, and she knew she had found her niche in life. Her teaching abilities have opened doors around the world; some through books and seminars. She began teaching adult Sunday School classes in an Assemblies of God church. During that time, she also wrote a 15-hour seminar on relationships and taught it for 5 years in mainline denominational churches.

After 8 years, Bonnie and her husband John, wanted to reach the homeless population in their community.  So, they rented a house and began to teach those who came to “The Freedom Center”.  1 house became 5, and they were soon feeding 90 meals a day from their main facility, and teaching from the Bible 3 times a week.  This was a very intense ministry, and the 24 hour days, were filled with the Lord’s presence, and constant action.

After 7 years, God changed their direction again.  Bonnie partnered with another woman and began a teaching ministry to churches throughout the United States, including Alaska, California, Washington, Oregon, and Oklahoma.  After 5 years, her partner died, and Bonnie became ill. John built her a home in Arizona, hoping the weather would help.  It did.

Bonnie never went back into public ministry, but opted instead, to write.  To date, she has written 8 books.  Her latest passion is this website.  We hope it will assist you on your own journey with Our Heavenly Father.

Bonnie states: “Being an amateur, a free lancer who never held any academic post or had any professional status, I had the rather unusual advantage of considering scriptures with an open mind, unbiased by traditional teachings as I studied to show myself approved, a workman of God in rightly dividing the word of truth. My portion added to the whole (which is Jesus), is just that, a portion!  It is not my purpose to convince you of anything; but only to add my portion for your consideration.”  I do not claim “a lot of revelations”, but God has given me a few insights to share on this platform.  I hope it helps someone.”